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    Thanks for the response!
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    Yeah wanted to update to the latest version but no ipk file??
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    where's the ipk file?
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    IPK is being hosted on the Homebrew apps page
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    So I was playing the game and the word was "SCOPION" which is the incorrect spelling .. it should be "SCORPION" .
    Thanks for the game though.. I love it .. one of my fav timepass
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    Thanks for the game. Just a note: Florida is spelled incorrectly (flordia) in the "Places" mode.
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    Spelling was never my strong suit. Maybe il make an SAT word list study program next. Although I imagine that would be a little boring. But, hey its something I would dl if it was available.

    if someone with some php or server side interaction exp would pm me I have a very neat idea, but no idea where to start with implementation.
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    I'll give it a try, for sure
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