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    This is a simple little app I made as a learning experience to get a better feeling for the SDK. Not much to explain, works just like a real Magic 8 Ball. Works with shaking and tapping the screen, although you will need WebOS 1.1 for the shake to work. Just for fun I added a few extra messages.

    I had a little trouble with the "shakestart" event. I couldn't get it to kick off, so I did a work-around with "shaking"... seems to work fine, but I wouldn't mind knowing what I was doing wrong.

    Anyway, I have already used this app to answer some pressing questions for today. Have fun!

    v0.2.0 Made the image and messages a little bigger to make them more readable. Added 10 more messages. Added some sounds, and vibrate.

    v0.2.1 Now doing proper clean-up of the events listeners. Changed the vibrate so it only goes off once. Changed the way the tap works so you only have to tap once to have the current message go away and a new one come up.

    (This application is licensed under the GPL)
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    Nice... I'm the 1st one to download... Installing now. Thanks for sharing
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    This is the first app I've seen to take advantage of shaking, and it works just as described.

    This can be fun in making some decisions. Thanks!
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    this will decide my life when i am uncertain
    great app
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    omg, most pointless app.....BUT MOST ENTERTAINING & finally show off to friends :-P

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! Great the palin response :-P
    ***I Twitter***

    Stop complaining & start doing ---> Leave feedback/suggestions for Palm here
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    i love it ... great app good work ... this just shows how much sweeter this phone can be
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    Quote Originally Posted by RanGT View Post
    omg, most pointless app....
    Most Pointless!!!! Your crazy my whole life has been decided by my magic 8 balls!!!
    From when I eat and sleep to when I go to the bathroom and shower!!!... J/k

    but nice app to have.
    -Touchpad owner
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    Pretty cool. First app I've used with Shaking
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    This is cool. Already having fun with it. Nice to see the shake working.
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    Fun app
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    Cool, thanks
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    This is too cool. Thanks!
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    Great app m8 works great!!!!! TY
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    So looking forward to this. I wish I could just install the method to get Homebrew here at work but I'm not sure IT would appreciate that very much. Stuff like this makes me excited for the possibility of future Pre apps.
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    Should I download this app?

    All signs point to YES!
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    It doesn't work the attachment for me
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    This is awesome. Just 1 criticism, would it be possible in the next update to make the text a little larger or maybe the whole 8ball. Its a little hard to read.

    Great app though!

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    ahh this is awesome.. nicely done boydell, thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sslow View Post
    This is awesome. Just 1 criticism, would it be possible in the next update to make the text a little larger or maybe the whole 8ball. Its a little hard to read.

    Great app though!

    Yah, I worried about that... Thanks for the feed back.

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    I agree... text is pretty hard to read. But awesome job with the app!!!
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