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    Fun app.... I use it a little too much haha
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    HOw do i download this onto the phone, I ried to email it and it didnt come through, then when I got the email it said could not find the file.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nice Reddy View Post
    maybe add some more responses?
    Any chance you could add a feature so we could configure custom responses. Something like reading the responses from a file would be nice. You could limit the length of the responses if you're worried about rendering the text on the screen without it looking horrible.

    I would love to have this feature so I could write up responses that would be more appropriate to the questions we ask each other at work.
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    I submit that this is the best 8 ball app that has ever been made on any platform. In fact, this is even better than the real magic 8 ball. I would propose that we dedicate the 3rd week in September as the official "Boydell's Magic 8 Ball App Appreciation Week"
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