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    drPodder v0.7.7 (1/16)
    • Yet another webOS 2.0 localization bug (sorry!)
    • Preferences formatting cleaned up (thanks Oil!)

    drPodder v0.7.5 (1/14)
    • Another webOS 2.0 localization bug

    drPodder v0.7.2 (1/14)
    • webOS 2.0 compatibility on non-English devices bug fixed
    • Added progress indicator for episode loading on launch
    • bugfix: No more lockups on loading screen when you have many episodes

    drPodder v0.7.0 (8/27)
    • bugfix: Non-Landscape mode glitches fixed
    • hopefully last HB release before new app catalog version

    drPodder v0.6.9 (8/20)
    • bugfix: Dashboard controls now work properly for streaming.

    drPodder v0.6.8 (8/17)
    Long time, no update, eh? It's his fault.
    • Dashboard controls. Play/pause, +/- 20 seconds, Episode title, progress
    • Metrix added, disable "Statistics" under Preferences if you don't want this. It won't be enabled on first run, but if you don't go set it to "Off" then it will be enabled on future loads. Used simply for delivering update notifications and keeping track of OS versions and such. No personally identifiable information is included in this.
    • Landscape mode is better now, much less CPU intensive, so feel free to give "Allow Landscape" a try.
    • Fixed issue with search
    • Share episode can now copy feed or episode address, as well as sharing via email
    • Klingon translation (work-in-progress) (thanks roneyii!)
    • French translation (work-in-progress) (thanks Yannick!)
    • pulling enclosure from media:content if available
    • playback scroller fills screen in landscape mode now
    • saving bookmark on close works better now

    There are some new text phrases that don't have translations yet, I'll send an email to the translators and ask them to translate for next version.

    drPodder v0.6.6 (4/07)
    • Re-enable hack to read redirection link from file (should fix libsyn issues)
    • Changing to 1.4 audio API so the "extend" error won't bite people anymore
    • bugfix: If you closed while downloading and came back, it looked like it was still downloading
    • bugfix: username/password wasn't working on https links
    • Updated various localization items

    drPodder v0.6.2 (3/31)
    • Added dashboard for saving bookmark when throwing card away (though you should never actually see the dashboard)
    • Language choice in preferences
    • html-ify links in description (if they aren't links already)
    • Added "Download New Episodes" option in Episode List (tap the feed title) (Thanks to nxg125 for contributing the patch!)
    • Added Spanish translation (thanks Spyderekz)
    • Updated various localization items

    drPodder v0.5.9 (3/27)
    • Quick update to some German localization items
    • Add ability to tap episode title to hide the playback scrubber (Gives you more room to read the podcast description, especially on a pixi screen)
    • bugfix: Trying to play a video after coming back from it was failing.

    drPodder v0.5.8 (3/27)
    • Adding as the "TO" address for "Report a problem" emails
    • Using "None" transition for Episode Player as video playback was buggy when using other transition.
    • German localization fixes

    drPodder v0.5.7 (3/25)
    • Added "Report A Problem" menu choice (Please use this if you're having problems!)
    • Added ability to play using webOS player (useful for testing - if the webOS player doesn't play it... drPodder probably won't)
    • Added "Share Episode" choice when playing an episode to email a friend
    • Overriding episode type based on file extension (If anyone has episodes that are being "typed" incorrectly now, please "Report a Problem"!)
    • Pull summary from the itunes xml tag if it's longer than the description
    • Better "first run" checking - If playlist is empty, you won't see the "welcome" screen.
    • Automatically update feeds imported from OPML
    • Scrolling down to reveal imported feeds
    • Better search results usability: Scroll fades, remember last search
    • Playlist add/edit saves on backswipe or can cancel with button
    • Scene Transition Preference (why not, right?)
    • Better support for PodShifter - Recognizes error where file isn't available "yet"
    • PodTrapper directory browsing added
    • Google Listen search provider added (search Google Listen's podcast directory)
    • (German) search provider added
    • Localization enabled - German is only language currently supported (Thanks Toby!!)
    • bugfix: Empty feeds caused updating to halt
    • bugfix: Updating feed dashboard notification not going away
    • bugfix: Automatic scheduled downloads now should actually automatically download (on schedule...)

    drPodder v0.5.4 (3/4)
    • Scroll fade at top of feed list
    • Better description scroller on episode playback screen
    • bugfix: downloads wouldn't kick off for scheduled updates.
    • bugfix: time index wasn't updating when dragging scrubber
    • bugfix: episodes with no pubdates were getting out of order

    Because of changes to the audio system, I can no longer support webOS versions below 1.4. I tried to fix streaming in 1.4, but that broke it in 1.3.5. And since I don't have a 1.3.5 device to test on anymore and am not willing to flash back and forth between 1.4 and 1.3.5 constantly to troubleshoot, I can't support previous webOS releases.

    If you are running 1.3.5, can access your Pre's command line, and would like to help me troubleshoot the problems, contact me at and I will gladly work with you to troubleshoot.

    drPodder v0.5.3 (3/4)
    • Now under GPL license
    • Fixing streaming problems in webOS 1.4
    • New scheduling options: (daily/weekly at a certain time)
    • Allow 1x downloads
    • Add/Edit feed page now saves on backswipe instead of requiring you to tap the Update button
    • Fix bug with "Hide From OS" option not being saved
    • Fix bug with background updates - sometimes the update would be terminated before the process finished writing to the DB
    • Because of above, notifications are now required so preference was removed
    • Fix bug where downloaded podcasts would retain a bookmark at the end after finished

    drPodder v0.5.1 (2/14)
    • NEW AppID!
      This will not upgrade your old version of drPodder, it will be a new app named drPodder HB. Yes, this is in preparation for submission to the App Catalog (Finally!!) Make sure you delete the PrePod directory after you are finished with your old drPodder (so that all the downloaded album art and podcasts that have possibly been "misplaced" over time are removed).
    • Option to hide downloaded podcast files (folder will have a "." prepended to it to hide it from the music player)
    • Option for free orientation
    • Bookmark saved on pause event (headphones unplugged, phone call, etc)
    • Mark as old/clear new deletes downloaded podcasts
    • Various fixes for BOL podcasts (they keep losing the enclosures)

    drPodder v0.4.8 (9/16)
    • Just a quick update to add support for Authentication (username/password) of feeds
      If drPodder detects that the feed needs authentication, it will show the username/password fields in the feed edit screen. Otherwise, you need to choose "Authentication" from the "Edit Feed" page.

    drPodder v0.4.7 (9/15)
    • Error checking while loading from db, should reduce the "hanging at loading feeds" bug.
    • Episode details not loaded until at player screen, should reduce application start time and memory usage
    • Playback shouldn't resume after error if stream was paused.

    drPodder v0.4.5 (9/10)
    New Features!
    • As usual, you can simply install the new version over the old version.
    • Adding Dynamic Playlists
      - Dynamic Playlists are handled like other feeds, you add them using the + button, you can delete them, reorder them, etc.
      - You edit Dynamic Playlists by tapping the feed count area, or by choosing edit playlist in the Episode List screen.
      - You choose the Feeds that will be listed in a dynamic playlist (or All feeds)
      - For example, "All" is auto created for you. Other suggestions: Favorites, Travel, Videos, etc.
    • Episode List Filtering
      - The Episode List screen can now be filtered to show only episodes matching certain criteria. This setting is persistent, and defaults to "New".
      - View All/New/Old/Downloaded/Downloading/Paused
    • Refresh on Episode List screen will auto-download (if the feed is so configured)
    • Sorting by pubDate on Episode lists (pubDate defaults to the time the episode was first seen).

    Thanks to JamieHS for the updated Splash Screen logo and the Dynamic Playlist icon!

    Issues I'm still working on (Minor enough that I figured a release would be ok):
    • drPodder is getting complex enough that I need to spend a few days working on a real, bona-fide manual. Bummer.
    • The "Most recent episode title" listed below the Feed Title has 2 problems. First, the Feed Replacements are not applied for Dynamic Playlists. Second, the title shown is always the most recent episode's title. Not the most recent episode that matches the view filter selected.
    • Notification of episodes pending wifi will be repeated if you have drPodder running in the background, even if you swipe the notification away.
    • Removing a Feed will remove that feed from all dynamic playlists. However, if the dynamic playlist would then have no feeds in it, it will be converted to a "Include All Feeds" dynamic playlist.
    • View filtering is a little bit slow. I am working on a fix for this. You do not have to use it. If you choose "ALL" then no filtering will be performed.
    • Still working with the new search provider, maybe a few more weeks before this makes it to a release.

    Notes on Searching
    • Click the "(+)" on the Feed List page to choose either "Enter feed URL" if you know the feed URL or "Search" to search for feeds.
    • I will try to add more search services in the future, but DigitalPodcast was a quick one to add. Not all feeds can be found there, but if you contact a feed owner and ask, they should be able to add their feed info to DigitalPodcast.
    • In a future version of drPodder, clicking on a feed returned from a search will display sample episodes, album art, and feed description, allowing you to preview (and validate) a feed before adding it to the list. Currently, the feed is just added immediately. Feed update errors will silently fail, so if your newly added feed has 0 episodes and no icon, then the feed is probably invalid.

    Download from the PreCentral Homebrew App Gallery

    Enough people have asked about donations that I will go ahead and put this here. I do not plan on having a donation-only version. Feel free to donate, but there is no obligation.

    Donate via PayPal

    I am writing drPodder because I need a good podcatcher that does what I want it to do. Even the "mature" Windows Mobile solutions I've used in the past disappointed me, so I decided to start early and make it like I like it. drPodder is still beta, but as a developer, bugs bug me, so when my code isn't working correctly, I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.
    There are currently 2 bugs in LunaSysMgr (the WebOS module that handles downloads) that directly impact drPodder's ability to properly download podcast episodes.
    1. Redirection
      This is the most annoying problem. Almost all podcasts post a URL for an episode that will redirect multiple times. LunaSysMgr fails to redirect all the way to the end, so I have to try to work around the problem. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. I have notified Palm of this problem, hopefully they will solve it. View topic - downloadmanager does not follow redirects all the way
    2. Directories ending in spaces cause LunaSysMgr to dump core
      This one is just amusing. If your feed title ends in a space, then attempting to save an episode will cause WebOS to restart. Simply remove the ending space from your feed title to fix this problem. 0.3.6 will fix this automatically. View topic - Bug in downloadmanager causes LunaSysMgr to crash

    A reminder about album art problems. If you see a distorted or missing album art image, this is more than likely due to a bug in WebOS's handling of 8-bit images. The procedure for fixing the album art is as follows:
    1. Exit out of drPodder after adding a feed and seeing a distorted (or missing) image
    2. Plug your Pre into your computer using the USB cable and choose USB Drive.
    3. Browse to E:\PrePod\.albumArt where E is the drive that your Pre is mounted.
    4. Right click on the picture with the name [FEED TITLE]
    5. Select Edit (or Open With->Paint)
    6. Select File->Save As, and under Save as Type, select JPG
    7. Remove the USB cable from the Pre
    8. Launch drPodder
    9. Edit the feed with the distorted image
    10. Change the extension of the Album Art image (the 3rd text box) to .JPG instead of (.BMP, .PNG, or .GIF)

    1. Add your feeds
    2. (optional) Download episodes you're interested in
    3. Play or stream Podcasts!

    UI Description
    • Feed List Screen

      • + button to add a feed
      • Refresh button to refresh the list of feeds
      • Feed icon should show up on first update, if the feed has one
      • Line under feed name is the latest episode name
      • 3 mini icons

        • disk - number of episodes downloaded/saved
        • star - number of new episodes (their status is set to Unlistened)
        • pause - number of new episodes you've started listening to
      • Tap the mini icon area for feed operations: (Mark Listened & Edit Feed)
      • Swipe to delete
      • Reorder is supported
    • Episode List Screen

      • Grayed out episodes are listened
      • Button on right:

        • Blank - listened to, and no file is available
        • Green Down Arrow - Unlistened (new) episode, ready for download
        • Red X - Cancel current download
        • Blue Play - Episode ready to be played
        • Red Minus - Episode has been listened to, file still exists
      • Tap the button on the right for relevent menu choices

        • Download, Stream, Resume, Restart, Mark [Un]Listened, Episode Details, Delete
        • Restart is the only method for going into an episode and starting from the beginning. All other methods will resume playback from your last saved position
    • Episode Details Screen:

      • Episode Title
      • Playback scrubber with current time and time remaining

        • also has a buffer indicator when streaming
      • Episode Description (scrollable)
      • Play/Pause/Download
      • +/-20, +/-60 seconds buttons
      • All playback operations *should* save your current position

    drPodder v0.4.3 (8/23)
    • As usual, you can simply install the new version over the old version.
    • PrePod is now drPodder. As billybennett pointed out in post #5, Pre* isn't a good name choice, for the reason he gave, as well as: App Names and Trademarks and Copyrights - webOSdev - Palm
      The name will still show up as PrePod in the Launcher and the Application Menu until a reboot.
    • Feed title and prev/next buttons added to Episode List screen (not on Episode Details screen yet, still trying to figure out how that should look)
    • Play from Oldest/Newest - tap the feed title in the Episode List (or go the the Application Menu) to see this option. Great for short podcasts, it will start at one end of the Episode List and play through to the other end automatically.
    • You can now refresh from the Episode List. This will not kick off automatic downloads, but you are on the Episode List screen, so you can easily tap "download" if you see something you want.
    • I've added all filtering options from DigitalPodcast into the search. The default is still "no filtering"
    • "Listened" and "Unlistened" terminology has been changed to "Old" and "New"
    • A stored bookmark will be cleared when you swipe away Episodes now (in addition to deleting and marking as Old)
    • Text size reduced in Episode List
    • Added splash screen with loading status indication
    • Feed URL's won't be changed on redirection. This fixes the problem remmysmom was having where a public wifi spot redirected all the feeds to a login page.
    • +/- 60 skip has a slightly different icon now.

    Notes on Background Updating/Downloading
    • Please leave notifications enabled unless they really bug you. They're just cool. Plus, disabled notifications hasn't been tested much.
    • If you throw away a notification like "Updating Feeds" or "Downloading Episode", I think the process continues. I'm not sure what I want to do with this "feature".
    • Tapping a notification just launches drPodder, it doesn't take you to any specific location in the program.
    • If you don't like Auto Updates through the day, just disable the feature. You can still use the refresh button on the feed list to update.
    • DL only over WiFi - When turned on, this will limit automated downloading to only be allowed when WiFi is connected. Clicking on an episode to manually download is still an option.
    • When the Pre's screen is off, and the Pre is not charging, WiFi is off. A future version will include a preference to turn WiFi on during the update, I just couldn't get that working for this release.

    PrePod v0.4.1 URGENT PATCH!

    PrePod v0.4.0 (8/16)
    • Background Updating/Downloading
      Preferences: Auto-Update, Update Interval, Download only over WiFi
      Dashboard Notifications for: Updating Feeds, Downloading Episodes, Downloaded Episodes, Downloads Pending WiFi
    • Basic Podcast Search Capability
      uses Digital Podcast, Type in a keyword, hit enter, click on a feed to add to your list
    • Streaming is quite a bit more stable now

    PrePod v0.3.6

    • Album art is now downloaded once and resized before being displayed. This should do 2 things - first, load time will be faster since we aren't making a bunch of images to display. Second, scrolling should be less painful since WebOS isn't trying to move huge, scaled down images around. Instead, it is moving thumbnails around. On your first load after installing this update, all album art will appear to be blank. Refresh once to see the locally cached album art.
      • Related to this, there is a bug in WebOS where 8 bit images can't be resized using the built-in extractfs process. The feed album art will be either blank, or look corrupted (album art that looks stretched is normal) To resolve this, use the following method once after adding a feed:

      1. Exit out of PrePod after adding a feed and seeing a distorted (or missing) image
      2. Plug your Pre into your computer using the USB cable and choose USB Drive.
      3. Browse to E:\PrePod\.albumArt where E is the drive that your Pre is mounted.
      4. Right click on the picture with the name [FEED TITLE]
      5. Select Edit (or Open With->Paint)
      6. Select File->Save As, and under Save as Type, select JPG
      7. Remove the USB cable from the Pre
      8. Launch PrePod
      9. Edit the feed with the distorted image
      10. Change the extension of the Album Art image (the 3rd text box) to .JPG instead of (.BMP, .PNG, or .GIF)

    • Changing video playback to be in a scene inside of PrePod. Still no bookmarking/resuming, but this is a little cleaner. Plus, some videos that didn't work before work now... odd.
    • If episodes don't have GUID's, making the unique link be link+title+date string (should fix Morning X on 101X)

    PrePod v0.3.5

    • Control via BT Headphones or Palm included headphones (pause/play, next/prev map to +/- 20 seconds)
    • WiFi should stay on through downloads as long as PrePod is open
    • Downloads go to /media/internal/PrePod/[FEED TITLE]/[EPISODE TITLE]-YYYYMMDD.[EXT]
    • Preferences added to Feed List menu
      • Show Album Art: ON displays album art, OFF hides it (if your display is laggy)
      • Show Feed Details: ON displays #Downloaded, #New, #Bookmarked, OFF shows only #New (reminder, an episode is considered "New" until you have finished listening to it or have manually marked it "Listened")
      • Enable Single Tap: ON icons in the Episode List do their default action with a tap, OFF a menu is brought up with actions to choose from

    • Edit Feed command added to Episode List
    • Volume keys are now captured when the application is open so that they control media volume (instead of ringer volume)
    • AlbumArt is editable (make it a space to keep it from displaying)
    • Temp files are deleted on aborted downloads
    • Import/Export OPML now includes options from the feed configuration page (delete after playback, auto download, maximum downloads to keep, and replacement strings)

    There is no automated updating/downloading yet, but if you load the app and press refresh, the following occurs

    1. Feeds are refreshed
    2. Each feed is checked for unlistened episodes. If there are unlistened episodes, and the feed is configured to auto-download, then episodes will be downloaded up to "keep at most" (see the feed options).
    3. If there are more episodes downloaded than the keep at most setting is set to, they will be deleted (if there is no bookmark). Therefore, if you want to manage the episodes yourself, make sure you set keep at most to "All", or uncheck the "Auto-Download" option.

    PrePod v0.3.3 (8/1)

    • Rudimentary handling of redirects in mp3's (Eerie Radio is the basis for this)
    • Automatically update on first load after fresh install
    • Feed icons are set at 58px by 58px now. Some will be distorted, sorry!
    • OPML export via email, import via prepod.xml file (place prepod.xml into /media/internal - the root directory that is mounted when you plug your Pre into the USB port)
    • Hiding download/play commands if there is no enclosure (some feeds will occasionally send out informational episodes with no enclosure)
    • Add feed is its own scene now
    • Auto-downoading episodes (if configured) during refresh.
      NOTE: downloads 2 at a time. If you manually cancel any download,
      the rest of the downloads may hang (I'm looking into it but I don't think it's my fault)
    • Allowing per-feed replacements for episode titles in the episode list view
    • Auto-delete after finishing episode (if so configured)
    • Mark all listened/unlistened in episode list view
    • Download indicator on Feed List (spinner with number inside indicating how many episodes are downloading). Tap the spinner to get a popup to cancel the downloads.

      In an effort to reduce the clicks, I am introducing default actions. The default actions in the Episode List view are indicated by the icon on the right hand side of the Episode Row. If you tap this icon, you get a default action like
      • If the Episode is new, but not downloaded, the default action is to download it
      • If the Episode is downloading, the default action is to cancel the download (NO PROMPT)
      • If the Episode is downloaded, but not listened to yet, the default action is to play/resume it.
      • If the Episode has been listened to, the default action is to delete the file (NO PROMPT)
      • If none of the above apply, a popup gives you choices

      You can always access the popup with contextually relevant choices by holding down instead of tapping. If you hold anywhere on the row until the row highlights, and then let go, you get the popup instead of the default action. If you are trying to get the popup menu, I would suggest holding on the title (not the default action button) so that if you let up too soon, you do not invoke the default action.
    • Swipe to delete in Episode view will delete and "mark as listened" downloaded episodes, or cancel a download.
    • Video playback is now "supported" (ok, sorta... when you try to play a video podcast, it will launch the built-in video player. No bookmarks are retained in video podcasts until I can get the video player brought into the application. Video podcasts thus will not be automatically marked as "listened", and thus, not automatically deleted when finished)
    • Lots of under the hood improvements that will make it easier for me to get background downloading working.

    PrePod v0.3.1 (7/28)
    • Minor Bugfix: Newly added feeds would not store bookmarks or pause/play correctly
    • Fixed formatting issue with feeds having > 100 episodes
    • Note, 0.3.1 has a formatting issue for the feed icon, it will look too narrow on most feeds. That will be fixed whenever the next release comes. Don't know how I didn't notice that.

    PrePod v0.3.0 (7/27)
    - Now using sqlite3 directly. I was able to add quite a few feeds in before I eventually hit an error (around 30 feeds or so). Please try adding your feeds a couple at a time and exit/restart PrePod to ensure they are still saving.
    Bookmark functionality is a bit more useful now. The Bookmark is still automatically saved, but now you should see a blue bar in the episode list to indicate playback progress. As with most other functions, you can tap the icon on the right to clear the bookmark. Also, the "pause" icon on the feed list screen indicates how many episodes are bookmarked.
    - When you finish an episode, the bookmark is cleared, and the episode is marked as "listened". You still have to manually delete the episode. Autodelete will come in the future.
    - Keyboard hotkeys. They're not configurable, but the bottom 5 keys on your keyboard (Shift, @, space, ., Sym) now correspond to the 5 (slightly changed) buttons on the Episode Detail screen (the player screen) - "Skip back 60 seconds", "Skip back 15 seconds", "Play/Pause", "Skip forward 15 seconds", "Skip forward 60 seconds".

    WebOS 1.1.0 REQUIRED!
    The "ext:" prefix storage option for sqlite3 db's was not implemented correctly in 1.0.4. Please make sure you have upgraded.

    Also, I am not importing your feeds from versions 0.2.2 and 0.2.3. I apologize for that, but I didn't want to risk bringing over any corrupted data. And I'm lazy.... Besides, with the storage problems of 0.2.2 and 0.2.3, you can't possibly have *that* many feeds. Right? I promise I will make every effort to keep future upgrades compatible with previous versions.

    PrePod v0.2.3 (7/24)
    Fixed issue with servers not responding with a "Last-Modifed" header
    Sorry folks, there is a bug that I should have fixed on Monday. If you have too many feeds (I know, that's vague), the app will not save them. Until this is fixed, please add one feed at a time, and exit and come back in to ensure it has kept your feed.
    Technical details:
    The default set of feeds almost completely fills up the storage capacity the Pre allows for an application using the Depot storage system. I knew I needed to switch to using sqlite3 directly, I had no idea I needed to do so this early on. I am making progress on this and plan on releasing 0.2.5 tomorrow with this major bug fixed, then I'll get back to all the other bugs.
    PrePod v0.2.2 (7/24)
    Podcatcher/Podcast player

    drPodder is Open Source software licensed under GPLv3, and the code is hosted at webos-internals. Feel free to poke around and see how it works and learn more about webOS development yourself.

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    Awesome! Can't wait to try it!
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    Holy mother of God!!!
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    Gonna try it out, thanks
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    Looks excellent! I can't wait to go home and install it. I would suggest naming it something else though. When everyone names the programs Pre-something it really causes havoc on universal search.
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    Can you help me add the Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! podcasts to your app? I can't figure it out. I tried both the .rss and .pls links, no go.
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    awesome I've been waiting for this!
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    This is gonna be big!
    My Tether - version 2.1.0 now live. No patching, no ad-hoc, more features!
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    does this work with video podcasts?
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    Rooting required?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhody View Post
    Rooting required?
    No rooting Required

    mlevi, no video podcasts at this time (maybe in the future)
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    What service does it download them from?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TechFirstAid View Post
    Can you help me add the Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! podcasts to your app? I can't figure it out. I tried both the .rss and .pls links, no go.
    It should be .xml. I'll take a look after lunch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrducklumps1 View Post
    What service does it download them from?
    You just put the feed xml in and it grabs it. Very similar to the demo news reader from Rough Cuts.
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    Holy .....................

    This looks REALLY good!
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    Quote Originally Posted by drnull View Post
    It should be .xml. I'll take a look after lunch.
    I tried that, no go. I pm'd you the link. Thanks in advanced for your help.
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    Does it have support for video podcasts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by drnull View Post
    You just put the feed xml in and it grabs it. Very similar to the demo news reader from Rough Cuts.
    I gotcha. It'd be awesome if iTunes Podcasts were supported
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    Great App!! Just what I was looking for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    Holy mother of God!!!
    +10 wow
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