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    I just got this app lastnight and maybe I am missing something in trying to figure it out, but what is the calendar information and where does it go? I see the time in the "Export to calendar" drop down, but when and where does it go??
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    I am new to the dieting scene but in need of sheding a few lbs. Downloaded this and am having a hard time figuring out how it works. Is there a manual? As mentioned, I have no clue where to begin with all these weight/food groups/calorie counts.
    I do excercise daily- about 30 min at least on the eliptical.
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    You should be looking at the old PalmOS app WWCalc. Very elegant and easy to use. MANY, MANY people use WWCalc and there are over 50 (more like 100) databases of commercial restaurant menus available in HTML and PalmOS database format. In addition it remembers in a cache file any item you ever enter in the daily journal and uses predictive text when you start to enter data, presenting a pick list of items starting with the characters you type. Too many other features to list here.
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