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    Thanks for your efforts guys. Looks great. Even if we only got 50% of what you designed it would be fantastic. BTW: What does the "Fit" field track?
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    Ok, I should have an update in a bit. The keypad will now target input to the selected text field. Also, the calendar can be deleted and the account removed when the program is deleted, so no issues there.
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    Doctor thinks this'll be a great tool to help my diet!
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    fit would be ww activity points which are gained from working out/fitness etc. Upgrade is looking good we are making progress!
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    C for me
    (but daily log, like in mock up & graph would be even better)
    I would even like a +/- weight gain/loss ie... 28, -2 (this could be change from previous or change from initial... I'm guessing most would NOT like to have their actual weight posted, but a weight change would be very useful for tracking or even: days amount (points/net carbs), change from intial & then an up or down arrow showing if you are up or down from the previous weigh in or smiley/so so/frown face
    MON: 35, -45,
    TUES:28, -43,
    WED:27, -44,
    I exceeded my daily limit on mon. so tues. my weight increased, but then on Wed, it was down from the previous day's weight)

    I love the idea of this app, can't wait to see how it grows. I just downloaded it however the ww thing is totally foreign to me, I personally have had the most success with a modified Atkins (ie... low carb) diet approach and I would love to see
    -Carb counter w/ net carbs (carbs - fiber = net)
    -carb look up (sim. to the look up in the mock)

    Although to be truthful, It might be better to just make it a seperate app so as to keep the UI clean (or have the ability to toggle which values you would like tracked, and the others would not show on the screen, this would make it the most versitial). Not sure how the other carb focused diets (ie... South beach) work, but for Adkins (at least for what I remember) the main things would be:
    • carbs
    • fiber
    • calculated net carbs
    • weight
    • some sort of excercise log.. maybe hrs/min.?
    would be helpful
    • daily net carb limit (like the red color change when limit is exceeded, does the calander support color or bold in the calander export?...) would need to be adjustible ie... 1st 2 weeks 20 net carbs, then in phase 2 ___ net carbs. or just set on an as need basis, don't know how this would effect past data
    • carb look up table (sim. to the mock)
    Daily log... neat ideas
    • food log (although I've never been one to log everything, I just like a running tally for the day... but i know this is helpful to others)
    • energy level (clickable picture scales are always helpful ie.. zzz speach bubble 'no energy,' little stick guy kinda hunched over 'little energy' progressing up to stick guy in running position 'very energetic' or a light bulb getting brigter would work, just a thought)
    • mood/stress (something simple like pick the face that represents you today... this scale has a name, just can't think of it)
    • midpoint weight goals (ie... -5lbs in 2wks & my overall weight loss goal being 50lbs.) with the ability to show progress towards the immediate and then long term goal. Smaller more attainable goals make it easier to stick to a diet, or at least for those of us that have more than a few lbs to lose.
    • hours of sleep

    Thanks again for a great app. I hope my ideas are helpful, again thanks for putting in the time to make this app, your efforts are very much appreciated.
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    Updated thread title to no longer show version number here.

    Added link in Opening Post to give download link information:

    Download the latest version from the Homebrew Apps Gallery: DietTrac

    - Craig
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    Yeah different diets would be better on different apps. Its a specific formula which calculates points. Also a friendly caution from someone who did that diet, even if modified to actually eat healthy foods and not fatty meat all thr time (which made me sick) I was very low on energy, especially when doing that diet so long.) plus, unless you really don't mind not eating breads and grains, its hard to live off and learn. With a modified weight watchers or even just calorie counting diet, you can simply learn how to make normal foods healthier and eat less which you can continue to follow even when your done with your diet, just won't need t count this is only friendly advice from someone who tried this diet and would like to pass on my experience to you, not intended to flame against your diet, or be bias
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    Ok, so after exploring the wonderful world of HTML5 storage, I'll have an update with a simple daily log that tracks a running total of points/units. The total number of units, along with weight, can be exported at the end of the day to the calendar. Next up, more detailed weight tracking...
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    ill try it just to see how it works out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rexalbel View Post
    Yeah different diets would be better on different apps. ... With a modified weight watchers or even just calorie counting diet, you can simply learn how to make normal foods healthier and eat less which you can continue to follow even when your done with your diet, just won't need t count this is only friendly advice from someone who tried this diet and would like to pass on my experience to you, not intended to flame against your diet, or be bias
    No harm, I just want to see an app. that would help all the low carb'ers out there, and being this is the first diet app for the Pre, I figured I'd put in my 2 cents. I have a feeling that the framework for one diet app ( or should I say the design intention you posted earlier) would work (with a few tweeks or changed look up tables) for the other diet app. Kind of a two for one

    As for the diet
    If one universal diet worked and was easy to stick to we'd all be skinny, but unfortunatily that's not the case. There is no such miracle diet. For me, low calorie wouldn't work, there is no way I could stick to it. I know this diet isn't for everyone; some people feel completely ill, other feel like a completely new person... (Blain's Low Carb Kitchen, on Fit TV is the perfect example of someone who has had great success and improved energy as a result of the low carb lifestyle) The key for me personally was doing a lot of research and making sure I had a lot of variety of foods in my diet including salads and fiber rich foods, not just meat (it helped that I started during the "fad" faze so I could get a lot of alternative foods at the grocery store). For my body type (and my husband, dad, & sister, but not my mother) it works great and I had lots of energy, (Plus I got to eat Creme Brulee, eggs, steak, bacon, cheese, cream and even pasta thanks to Dreamfield, I definitely didn't feel deprived which made it easier) After I got past the initial few months, it did become a way of life, once you learn what is allowable, counting becomes less important, but when your starting, its crucial. For several years the low carb lifestyle (and it is a lifestyle, not just a fad diet) worked for me (I lost 40lbs for my wedding and kept it off for years...), but unfortunatily it isn't a cheap diet... ramen noodles are soo much cheaper then quality protien and fiber rich foods. For me the biggest thing is finding a diet that works for you and that you can stick with, and having apps that help you during those initial difficult beginning phases, before it becomes a habit.
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    I'm glad it works for you and that is very true, it's about what diets fit the person .

    I was just thinking about your request for a carb counter. I recently got the pre release of the next version of this app with the log. Honestly there is no reason why you or anyone else counting carbs, calories or points can't use this to track your units of whatever even when it becomes more feature rich weight watchers uses a number unit which you have a limit for every day. Eventually the log will incorperate that limit, and then eventually a weekly limit. None of these things are much different then any diet. You could easily use the log to track any diet and just ignore the calculator. Even when favorits is added you could just simply type in the carbs or calories instead of points so in all honesty this app is pretty much a true diet app as there will be no mention of points, just daily weekly and activity. You could think of them as daily calories daily carbs, weekly calories extra, weekly carbs extra, and etc.

    Hope this helps all of you with other numeric counting diets
    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    Diet trac would be better if it had food calorie values listed by foods that you could search and add up more like a calorie book and calculator all in one. Anybody working on this?
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    Need an app that acts as a foods calorie data base and calculator with a build in food search. So you can enter the foods eaten and it adds them up. Then have an activity data calculator that will subtract calories as they are used. Along with a programmed caloric need based on a persons weight, age and sex to keep track of weight balance. Reward messages for daily negative caloiric balances would be a great incentive. Is thie possible?
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    when you say calorie calculator, do you mean a log? Like adding up the calories you use and then subtracting them for exercise? That's basically how this log will work. As for the database, that's a little bit of a ways to go, and unless it varies by brand and product, a database is very inacurate, as most brands and products vary 20-200 calories. I can buy two different brands of the exact same cheese and sometimes the other brand is 20 calories lower. If I looked in the database for american cheese I'd get the lower number. When on a diet every number counts ya know?
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    Yeah, a database sounds great in theory, but Rexalbel is right. Different brands of products can have quite a range in calories. I suppose if one had access to an FDA product label database that listed each brand separately it may work. I'll look into that.

    I'm working on the body weight trackker (sp?) and a popup keypad. Any comments on a popup keypad? Good idea/bad idea?
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    sounds good and space saving!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Palminmypalm View Post
    Hah Hah... Cool title! But honestly, I thought it was an rss feed that followed Dieter.

    Anyways, cool app! Suggestion, can we make it more like this:
    Lose It! | Fresh Apps - iPhone Apps

    Just tossing ideas out.

    I totally need this kind of app, calories and weight are what I like to keep on track. I had a similar program I bought for my Palm Centreo and called 'Weight by Date' and I miss, miss it! I hope you can make something like that or the Lose It program.
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    This is awesome!
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    Agreed, I would like it if this could be closer to the Lose It! app in functionality, especially with the food database and weight tracking ability. The WW point system is unfamiliar to me - perhaps if there were a way to toggle the point calculation on/off this app might cater to a broader audience?
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    To those that don't realize it, this app is easily adaptable to other things aside from weight watcher. Tracking calories has nothing to do with any sort of calculator I know of so simply tracking calories is easy, just don't use the calculator part I have the latest release and let me just say.... Wow! Its coming along so believe me you are all in for a treat! Don't feel forced by the calculator though, if you follow other diets this app is still easy to use for other diets!
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