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    Anyone else having trouble with this in 1.3.5? The interface is stretched in several areas now for me. -Grand
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       #122 are right, it did break. I will have to go and fix this. Thanks for the heads up
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    Handy little app!

    One minor glitch - under the interface (tip % and split#) is misaligned so the rounding buttons get pushed off the bottom of the screen.

    It'd be nice if the rounded tip % were displayed next to the tip amount instead of in a banner which is laggy and takes a bit of screen space.

    Another space saving idea that's a variation on other posts: Just touch the total to cycle the rounding mode. Display (up), (down) or (exact) in the label as it cycles. Perhaps a bit less intuitive but no more buttons!

    Even if you don't get around to an update I appreciate the effort you've put into a useful free app.

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