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    I downloaded the app and ran it. I get to the Results screen with the result entries, but I can't get it to do anything beyond that. Is there a tutorial you could link to?
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    good idea
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    Quote Originally Posted by I_Ryan View Post
    I do, would you like an invite?
    If your passing out invites, I'd love one. If you are feeling generous invite mccuskerr at gmail dot com
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    edit: nevermind
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    wow this seems very nice :P
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    I regularly use transmission's remote iPhone interface on my Pre. My torrents do not show up when I first pull up the web interface but after one refresh, the interface properly renders.

    What problem were you having when you said the web client wouldn't work?

    Although I'll admit its not perfect.
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    You're gonna make everyone drool for more storage space now! I was handling the 8 GB just fine! But I'm sure someone is going to develop an app (for the pre or online) so AVI files can be viewed on the pre...then I'll just want to skip the step of downloading to my computer and converting and then transferring to my Pre!

    Shame on you! Now I'll have to buy the next generation Pre with the higher capacity or expansion slot...whichever they choose...

    Being me has its advantages.

    -- Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
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    How's the development of this app coming along? I'm confident that I'm not alone in looking forward to it.
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    I'm still very interested in this app... How's the progress going?
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    Sprint is gonna love you for this!
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    Maybe Sprint kidnapped him.
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    i think so lol
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    Mininova Died... still track thepiratebay?
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    ANy news on this, could really use an app to add torrents remotely to the utorrent ui
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    i hate to be the one to bring this back from the dead, but has there been any progress on this? Or is there source code available so others could possibility pick up where fordaaronj left off?
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    that's great. waiting it.
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    Anyone willing to give this project some love?
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    I want to get this going solid on the touchpad, currently i use an ubuntu chroot with /media/internal mounted and use deludge to download the files to the usb partition. This would be much more efficent. I'll download the source and play with it
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    Plz make a Touchpad Version
    -Touchpad owner
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