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    I've never used bittorret and I kind of don't know what to do in the app. Could somebody explain what needs to be done? Thanks.
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    I cannot get this to extract, what gives?
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    I'm really looking forward to this app!
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    Quote Originally Posted by shailigum View Post
    I hate to beg and stray off topic, but if anyone has a demonoid invite to give out i'd love one!
    PLEASEE Send me on too if anyone can I would be in your debt.

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    can there be a way to queue downloads from my phone to my pc?
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    Demoniod would be awesome...if I had an account
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    I know someone posted it earlier but if there was the ability so simply paste the torrents location into the file, any private or public websites could be used
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    After I paste the torrent's URL into the field and click upload nothing happens? Using a linux server and it is going to the normal web UI and not the iPhone UI, any advice?
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    Awesome, will it be able to stream movies from torrent sites???
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    May I suggest Torpredo for a name? Capitalization of course subject to taste (i.e., TorPredo or somesuch).
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    Quote Originally Posted by xImtc View Post
    May I suggest Torpredo for a name? Capitalization of course subject to taste (i.e., TorPredo or somesuch).
    I second that.
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    how do i extract the file winrar says it cant open it??
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    Some help please? =(

    I open up the app, set a category, type in a text for example (south park).. and click on a torrent.. And all it does is bring me to a blank page with a small little button on the bottom right corner. No sign of downloading anywhere. And could someone tell me the use of the preference tab is? is there something wrong with the app?
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    Just out of curiosity, Why did you choose Transmission as opposed to utorrent to Deluge?
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    Quote Originally Posted by grimeywelsh View Post
    Just out of curiosity, Why did you choose Transmission as opposed to utorrent to Deluge?
    I am going to go out on a whim here and say it is probably because transmission is the default client in Ubuntu.
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    Awesome app. Love the forward thinking that goes on in Homebrew.. You guys rock. Now being able to get songs or any movies will be a breeze. No need to wait to get home to start a d/l....

    Loving the App...
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    One thing I noticed is your icon.png is way too big. It is 512x512, when it should be 64x64. When you try to move the icon to a different page in luna, you will see it takes up the whole screen. The smaller icon will also take much less space.
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    Good sir, this was in fact one of the sole reasons I moved to a smart phone, in hopes of being able to remotely add and manage my torrents for my (far too large) media collection. I was literally in the process of typing out a request when I saw this, and frankly its eerie. Its a great first step, and obviously like everyone else my only suggestion is to broaden the search engines used, perhaps you could use scrapetorrent which scrapes all the sites at once?I also will pm you about a demonoid account if you want. One other thing, I've typicallt used utorrent (even though I run ubuntu) but for some reason it seems to be impossible to access utorrents webui from the pre much less add anything. This is officially my favorite app so far and I can't wait to see it developed more! Best of luck you're helping me out tons!
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    defin add '' and ''
    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    Ah, you guys all suck with your demonoid accounts!

    I don't really have the know how to get this running (ie building transmission).
    I looked into it, but it's all foreign to me.
    Perhaps I'll give it a try this weekend.
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