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    What a fun game!

    "...I slapped together some sloppy stuff and managed to get a port of it working "

    That's funny. Can't wait to see what else you "slap together"!

    - Craig
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    I noticed that after there are no more available moves, there is no "game over" notification or screen. Also, after there are no more moves, if you start touching in the open space, an highlighted square shows up and moves around randomly.

    Also, how about the option to change the board size? 14x16 is nice for a lot of pieces, but they are so small! Being able to change the board size a little smaller would yield smaller, easier to touch pieces. You could also fit in more pieces if you move the new game button to the drop down menu at the top.

    Also, how about high scores and help/instructions?
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    Undo for the fat-fingered friends??

    I luv you more.
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    Fun game to pass the time!
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    I LOVED this game on my old Dell Axim PPC! Thanks so much for porting it over. It works well for the most part, but a few things I think you should add:

    Instead of making the first tap on a set of shapes delete them all, have it highlight which will be deleted and then another tap gets rid of them. I've had some unfortunate presses since they're so small lol.
    High scores - that's what kept me coming back on the WM version. Online high scores would be even cooler, but.. probably not as easy to code XD
    Different modes - the one where they stay completely still, the one where new rows slide in, and the one you have now where they slide over once a row is gone.
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    I have the fat finger syndrome and would love Undo, but am having fun with this app. Thanks!
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    really nice work! i agree, an undo button would be a great addition.
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    Thanks.This looks good.
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    Played a similar version of this, where the first tap selected your group, and the second tap popped the bubbles. Particularly on the Pre, where it's so easy to mis-tap, that feature would be awesome to have. Sucks to be setting up a single massive pop, only to mis-tap.
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    Is this game going to show up in the homebrew gallery?
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