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    Okay, some asked for a French version of Habla!, and dcoaster suggested the name Parler! (parler being the French verb for "to speak").

    I had looked into it last night, and decided not to put in any effort into it because of the lack of a suitable online dictionary.

    However, I woke up this morning with a different attitude - one of, I'll get it started and leave it up to others to finish.

    So, here's some screenshots, the .ipk, and another file that contains the parsed result page for a query for house.

    TO DO:

    1. For the "word not found" error box, the French translation for "word not found" contains accented characters that do not display correctly when the error box pops up. Solution?

    2. The fun part - you'll notice that much of the text is black, which isn't the easiest to read against a dark blue background. This is all CSS styling. If you look through parler_house_example.txt, you'll see the different css classes referenced. Each of those classes have to be added, along with color and other formatting if desired, to the parler.css file.

    In some cases, some text doesn't have a class associated with it, so it defaults to black for some reason, even though in my css I've assigned a default text color of white.

    The house example is just that, an example. You'll have to do other queries for other words and see what other css classes uses.

    The reason I didn't use for the Spanish one(Habla!) was because they use tons of css classes, and some of the classes referenced, wasn't in their css file, and etc.

    However, for French, I couldn't find a better French dictionary than the one at wordreference.

    If you know of one, you could change the site, which of course means you'll have to change how the results are parsed.

    Have fun!!
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    Wow, man. You definitely rock! Thanks!
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    Does this mean you can use leo as your database?

    - Craig
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    Leo looks to be German...
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    Alright, this is my first attempt at even modifying an app. Thanks to taalibeen, I have updated Parler! with some fixes. The text is easier to read and the accent marks show in the error dialog. I might be willing to take over this app and improve it further if taalibeen would like. We MAY even develop in tandem with our "Habla!" and "Parler!" apps.
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    Cool, good work dcoaster. Parler! is all yours.

    My focus is on Spanish being that my wife is Puerto Rican.
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    Is there some way I can post a new thread in order to maintain the app?
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    dcoaster, I think you have to ask one of the mods to make you a developer. I think there's an account setting they have to set in order to allow you to initiate threads in the homebrew section.
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    See this thread for the latest:

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