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    With the release of the Homebrew App gallery, I will not be continuing to update the list. I want to do whatever I can to help drive traffic to Precentral's internal solution. It was fun while it lasted and I certainly enjoyed my 15 minutes of Precentral fame but I will find another way to contribute to the community. I will leave the list below intact as of the morning of 8/5/09. Thank you all for your support and ideas.





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    Great job! thanks a lot for this!
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    Awesome work! Thanks for the compilation.

    I was going to do it myself, but then I got lazy...
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    I was actually thinking of doing this my self! But, I came on today and found that you had already done it! Great job and keep it up!
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    Please someone sticky this in the Homebrew section.
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    For this list to be useful, it has to offer more than the basic forum list does. Categorizing would be a great start.

    Also, Bolding the App name would help for mobile viewing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Kernel View Post
    For this list to be useful, it has to offer more than the basic forum list does. Categorizing would be a great start.
    +1 It's now basically a condensed list, but.... if you catagorized & alphabetized them... LOOK OUT now you would be on to something.

    Also, since they are links to the post, will the names automatically change in your post when the mods change the title of the post? That too would be very cool.

    Great Idea!
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    SWEET! Thanks for stickying this up in the homebrew apps section.

    Things to do:

    1 - get all ups in the list
    2 - alphabetize
    3 - play with formats (bold, categories, etc.)

    @frankos no they will not autoupdate, it is all hardcoded unfortunately. But thats what the community is for. After I get all the apps up, please post any updates you see that I have missed and I will be sure to update our list.

    Thanks for praise guys, no its up to all of us to keep this list up to date and useful. I am off to finish the list...

    just updated...

    alright that should be all of them as of right now. I will alpha order them later tonight or tomorrow.

    Please post any version updates to apps or new apps you see.
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    Excell, while mostly useless, is not entirely useless.

    5 or More game v 0.6.02 (7/20)
    API Demo, v0.0.1 (07/22)
    BADD Flashlight [v.0.2.0, was v.0.1.2][NRR]
    Blackjack [0.2.21] [NRR]
    Blocked v0.7.0 [was v0.6.0](7/20)
    BrickBreaker v0.1 (7/14)
    Business (Margin) Calculator [NRR]
    Checkbook v0.4.7(7/18)
    Craps v0.8.0 [was v0.7.0](7/20)
    Currency Converter v1.0(7/15)
    Dali Clock, v228(6/28)
    Depth of Field (DoF) Calculator, v0.9.1(7/20)
    DevMode Launcher v0.2.0 [was 0.1.1](7/19)
    Dilbert and Garfield daily comic apps [v1.1, was v1.0][NRR]
    Dot Game, v1.5.2 [was 1.5.0](7/13)
    Exch-Calc, currency exchange calculator, v0.5 (7/19)
    Google Maps Bookmarks [v1.0][NRR]
    Habla! English - Spanish Translator [v1.0][NRR]
    Hangman [v1.1, was v1.0][NRR]
    Instructional for beginners and Hello World 2.0! (Updated 7/16)
    Jokes [v1.0a][NRR]
    Kentucky Offender Online Lookup [v0.0.1][NRR]
    Lottery Number Generator [v1.0][NRR]
    My first medical app [v0.7.0, was v0.1.0][NRR]
    My Notification v 1.0.3(6/30)
    Othello / Reversi [Rev 4, was Rev 3][NRR]
    Paint App v0.1(6/30)
    Parler! v1.0 (7/22)
    pDice - A D&D dice rolling app! v1.1 [was v1.0](7/13)
    Pre Chess v0.0.03 [was v0.0.02](7/21)
    Pre Video Poker,v0.3 (was v0.2)(7/21)
    PREbounce 1.1 : a bouncy game (was 1.0)(7/19)
    PreCheckers, v1.0.0(7/21)
    PreLoveTest(Calculate Love Match), v1.0(7/18)
    PreMemo - Animated memory game v1.0 (7/12)
    PrePackage: Package Tracking App, v0.9.2 [was v0.8.0](7/19)
    PrePong, v0.2.0(7/21)
    PrePsycheReader (Mind Reader app), v1.0(7/19)
    PreTac (TicTacToe), v1.1.2[was v1.0](7/20)
    PREtracker 0.4.0, formerly PRErun 0.3(7/19)
    Scientific calculator [Rev 4, was Rev 3][NRR]
    Scientific RPN Calculator, v0.1(7/8)
    SimplyFlipFlops v0.9.99 (6/24) First Homebrew "App"
    Snake [v0.2][NRR]
    Solitaire v0.9.6[was 0.9.5](7/12)
    Soundboard v0.0.1(7/8)
    Stopwatch/Timer App, v 0.0.7 [was v0.0.6](7/14)
    Subway Map, v0.3.0 (7/20)
    Sudoku solver [v1.0][NRR]
    Tic Tac Toe (7-5-09) [v1.6, was v1.0]
    Timer On A Stick, a countdown timer. [v0.1.0][NRR]
    Tip Calculator *Redux* v1.0.2 [was v1.0.1](7/13)
    Tip Calculator [v1.0.5][NRR]
    Translator App for the Pre v1.1[was v1.0.1](7/6)
    WxRad Animated Radar Viewer, v0.0.2(07/17)
    XboxLive Friends v0.5.0(7/4)
    Yatz! - Yahtzee javascript port [v0.1.0][NRR]

    [EDIT: I can't find a way to keep the URLs, sorry.]
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    How long will this continue to work though? At current growth rate the number of total apps could grow a but cumbersome to read through after say a year.

    It would be sweet to have an RSS feed on the pre just to alert when an app is updated (maybe just significant updates) or added.
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    And with the pseudo-release of Palm's News app through the SDK we could be informed ... neato. Not a task for me, but someone amongst us has to know how.
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    Thx...I was waiting for this
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    Awesome. Next stage is to organize them by function. Games, Utilities, etc.
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    Prefect... Much nicer and easier than looking in the homebrew section for new one... Although I am not complaining... Great forums and website.. has made me a poster!!!
  16. #16 lets get all that bundled into a homebrew app store...
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    ok, what categories do you guys see other than games and utilities?
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    *update new app- "Mine Searcher [version 0.5.0] by tonyparisi "
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    Thanx for making this list Chuccck. It was definitely needed.
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    Nice work, thanks indeed.
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