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    Thank you so much!
    Lovin Sprint, and the Pre.
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    Didn't see this one added to the list yet

    Thanks for making this list btw!
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    This is awesome! Thanks
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    DOF Calculator has been updated to 1.0.0
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    Did I see someone do a homescreen app? I can't find it.

    These applications are awesome!
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    Great job this is extremely helpful. Much Thnx
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    Also: fireworks Fun needs to be added.
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    Thank you so much
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    Why don't you have my teher listed here? This is one of the best apps out there!
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    Thanks Chauccck, all the pieces are now falling in place. preCentral Homebrew Warehouse.
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    I feel insulted
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    great work, thanks
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    appreciate your hard work fella.
    "I'm more Palm than Apple ever since I got my Pre!" - v12
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    THANK YOU!!!!! It has been such a pain going through them all!
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    missing app: Pre Dot/Box Pop SameGame Clone [v0.5.0](7/24)
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    updated with new apps - 7/26

    Quote Originally Posted by Leke View Post
    I feel insulted
    and why is this sir?

    Guys, I am having a hard time keeping up with the versions. I may have to skip this step for the time being. Its difficult because the title of the thread does not represent the most up to date version. Does anyone know some way to pull the title of the first post, not the title of the thread?
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    Great work, thank you so much
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    great work by all
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    after i did the upgrade i wasn't able to install the apps any more did you guys get that to ??
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