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    See either of these articles for instructions on how to install homebrew apps:
    To Install from Your Computer
    Getting Started: Homebrew Apps, Patches, and Themes with WebOS Quick Install

    To Install from Your Phone
    Preware Guide to download directly to your Pre or Pixi without using a USB cable.

    Please post for help or questions in the forums:

    WebOS Quick Install


    Welcome to the Homebrew Apps Section of! There are a few things you need to know before you get going:

    1. All apps are provided AS IS and does not warrant that they will work, work properly, or hurt your device. is not responsible for anything that happens to your Pre as a result of the software you download here.

    2. Only a developer may create a new thread - one thread per app please. If you're interested in getting permission to create threads/ post apps, simply contact us on our form and select "Developer Access" - Be sure to include your username in your message . Please don't send in a request unless you have an app to post, though! You don't need to ask for Dev Access to get the apps here, "Dev access" is simply to allow people to create new threads and post apps.

    3. Please include as much information as possible in the first post, including updates, installation instructions, etc. We also want to keep a 1 app : 1 thread ratio. You also must attach your app to the first post in the thread.

    4. The title of your thread is NOW your Application name only, we are in the process of slowly changing over old titles to remove dates and versions, you guys won't need to do anything there. Developers will be able to post to the Homebrew v2 Gallery mentioned in the HOW TO guide up top.

    The graying out of previous log updates but maintaining all information is excellent for archiving purposes; please note you should add the date for each revision release. This helps us when a user can see if they are up to date with their version.

    5. The web-os.internals team has added an excellent point, and so, can all current devs please go into your initial posts and add this information:

    Can we please change the instructions for new threads here to have authors clearly state the licensing conditions for their new app in the first post in the thread?


    "This application is licensed under the GPL"

    "This application is licensed using the MIT license"

    "This application is in the public domain"

    "This application is available for free, but cannot be redistributed, and the source code is not open source"

    "This application is not open source, and you need to give a donation to see the latest preview version"

    -- Rod
    Orange + Tap should delete the app, but your mileage may vary.

    If you need to change your email or password, go to , log in, and click the edit tab.

    Other questions? Post 'em here.
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    is there any way to get a rating system in the forum to rate apps?
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    We are exploring a lot of different avenues right now for Homebrew, hold tight.
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    What is a Home Brew App ? Can someone give an example ?
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    wee need facebook!!
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    Is there a thread for app requests for us non-programmer types? I'm sure there are some people with great ideas but no knowhow to make an app.
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    can you tell me how to get the app off the phone if ypu dont want it anymore?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Pooh View Post
    Orange + Tap should delete the app
    Thats all u need to do to delete an app.
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    I can't upload any IPK files - it says file invalid.
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    Has anyone statyed an app request thread? I've seen various requests_ but nothing formal and organized. It seems like there are more and more home brews being added every couple of days. I know some that i'd like to see_ but i'm no prgrammer and must be patient.

    Thoughts? Nevermind the typos. Still getting used to the lack of my 5 way nav buttons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyberprashant View Post
    I can't upload any IPK files - it says file invalid.

    What happened? It used to work. I would upload it as a zip, but then filecoaster wouldn't work. What can we do????
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    Someone wanna do an artical on this lag issue, I got filecoaster put on the phone and downloaded a handufl of the top apps, and the phone seems laggy now, and I'm curious if simply deleted any and all homebrew apps from my Pre will restore the phone to its prebrew form?
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    I'm going to be the ***** on this whole subject. I seem to be incapable of getting my pre into developer mode. Any help? Thanks
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    Never mind, I figured it out.
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    Let me start by saying this is terrific. The homebrew apps have been great and add a lot to the Pre experience. I have one question though. What is the correct way to upgrade a homebrew app? Do I just reload with a newer version or should I remove the existing first and then install the later level? Need I even worry about it?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Bumped for UPDATES for v2 instructions.
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    Today I started having problems installing applications. File Coaster kept spitting out an error, "Install Failed: Not Enough Install Space" and trying to install apps through the drag and drop quick installer on my Windows 7 machine no longer worked.

    I've installed quite a few homebrew apps and I am wondering if if there might be a limit to the number of apps which can be installed under webOS. After I deleted a couple of homebrew apps, I was able to install more apps so this is definitely a possibility in my mind.

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    I also seemed to hit the wall...I deleted a few apps and it now allows me to install apps. Is there an issue?
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    How do you apply an update when a developer makes one? Do I have to put my phone in dev mode all over again, and drag the .ipk to Quick Install, or is this something I can do thru FileCoaster?

    I DID search for this for about 20 min; couldn't find an answer. I'm sure it's right in front of me too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by j_par View Post
    I also seemed to hit the wall...I deleted a few apps and it now allows me to install apps. Is there an issue?
    Yes. You are limited to the number of apps you can have at any one time. There is no fix, and no one cares enough to create a fix.
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