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    Quote Originally Posted by taalibeen View Post
    1. Fixed bug that made words like "jale" and "werewolf" launch the browser instead of displaying in the application.

    2. Updated the version to 0.3.1 to fit Palm's standard versioning convention for betas.
    HOLA, Taalibeen -

    Queria darte las gracias por haber formulado un App tan sencillo - tan util - y en misma vez.....tan poderoso! En serio, "Habla" es una obra fantastica - y ademas es MUY util! Muchisimas gracias!


    HEYYY, Taalibeen -

    I wanted to thank you for have created an App which is both simple - useful - and at the same time...very powerful! Seriously, "Habla" is fantastically well done - and also (just to say it again!) it's REALLY useful! Thank you SO much!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Convert View Post
    I downloaded the app, but when I launch it, all I get is a screen that says "This text verifies your application is running." What's the fix?
    I reloaded the app but am still having this same problem. Is this app ready for AT&T v1.4.2? Uh oh, it just crashed my Pre, time to remove.
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    the homebrew no longer seems to work can someone from precentral remove it? Habla has graduated to the official app catalog and downloads perfectly from there and it is still free!
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    Talibeen, I've made some changes to the app to make it compatible with just type, use an app assistant instead of a stage assistant, move some items to the view menu and reduce the number of scenes needed from three to two.

    I did this on my own because I am making a urban dictionary app (yes, I know there is already one) that is based off of what I learned from habla. Let me know if you are interested in the updated Habla! app.

    BTW: How come there is no repository for this app? just curious
    ...This programming stuff is actually addictive but really hard :/
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