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    5 or more is a game where you have a 7 x 7 board and you move the colored pieces(red, green, blue) around in order to line them up in a row of 5 or more. When you do, they disappear and your score goes up. However, each time you move a piece, 3 random pieces will appear in random spots. You play until the board is filled .

    If you have not played this game the past, Please read the help menu though. I have tried my best to make it as detailed as possible. I have also included an email address for you to contact me if needed on there.

    Known bug
    5 or More v 0.6.02 : 7/20/09
    There is one bug (that I know about) that may rear its ugly head. I have seem where in certain cases, you will try to move a piece and despite being a proper move, it will not go there. I have seen the problem pop up a few times. While I'm fixing it, just move it to a different spot or pick another piece :P.

    5 or More v 0.7 : 7/22/09
    This update fixes the move bug, so now that is all fixed. I also added a background to it to help out a bit. Personally I am open to suggestions on what kind of background would be good but I felt that gave it a decent look.

    I also updated the scoring system to match the official version. Once again, if you havent read the rules about how to play, please do. I got a few emails saying the moving was totally broken and it turned out they were trying to move diagonally between two pieces, which is not allowed hehe. The rules (with example moves) are provided in the help menu.

    5 or More v 0.7.25 : 7/26/09
    So as many of you found out, there was a NaN score bug introduced. That was from me trying to fix the scoring to match the official rules. Anyways, that has been fixed. I also accidentally removed some images from the help menu, which have been put back. Hopefully the next update will include more features and less bug fixes hehe. If you have any recommendations for backgrounds, please let me know. Thanks!

    If any bugs are found, please email me. I have included my email on the help page.

    Hope you enjoy!
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    Sweet you have your app out remember from chat
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    yep I'm still lurking around #webos :P. Finally got the game into an 'acceptable state', sans a bug or two hehe.
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    Oh cool. This is like that game called "Samegame" I think. There was a version that came out for gnome on linux that I used to play.

    ooPixel - Samegame

    Actually I guess its not after reading your description again. Maybe the somebody has to make that game too. Hah.
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    Haha very fun app
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    I agree, fun app. good distraction

    question, how did you get the dialog to pop up? I can't seem to figure it out in my app (pretracker)
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    Quote Originally Posted by kmax12 View Post
    I agree, fun app. good distraction

    question, how did you get the dialog to pop up? I can't seem to figure it out in my app (pretracker)
    Which one are you talking about? The play again and game over screens are alert dialogs and the highscore screen is a regular dialog. If you are talking about the regular dialog, then I believe you need to include a template (I dont have the code in front of me right now. at work.)

    Let me know when you are referring to and ill dig it up for you
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    This seems like it could be a very fun game, but the bug (where it doesn't allow me to make proper moves) occurs frequently enough that it ruins gameplay. Looking forward to seeing future versions!
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    It's a fun game, I actually enjoy playing it. Just a few more tweaks will make it better, and also provide a bit longer playing time.

    1- Definitely need some color in the background, it looks way to plain right now.
    2- Different levels of difficulty
    *** level 1/Easy- only two pieces show up per move, and no additional pieces shows up after you just matched up 5, until after you make your next move.
    ***level 2/Medium- Only two pieces show up per move, regardless if you have just matched up 5 or not.
    *** level 3/Hard- Just as the game is right now.
    3- Inter-changeable pieces color wise would be real nice, rotating from red-green-blue as bonus pieces to make matching up 5 a bit easier, and also prolongs game playing time.
    4- If possible, reducing the board size by just one bit to add more spots; I'm not sure if the board needs to be exactly 7x7. It would be nice if the board were the same size as that Connect4 (7x6) game in the app catalog, all you would need to do is pretty much add more rows to fill up the bottom of the screen, maybe a 7x10 board instead.

    overall Tont0r this is a great game, I'm just throwing some suggestions out there to hopefully try to push this fun game to another level.
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    I spotted a small bug. It happened fairly fast but I think I got it correctly:

    Random placement of one (or more?) of the 3 pieces resulted in two *intersecting* lines of five being removed simultaneously. After this, my score became NaN.

    I'm just guessing, of course, but maybe the score counting is messed up by a piece counting in multiple lines?

    Fun game; thanks!
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    I preferred the gray background. Any image or wood grain is distracting to the game play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sacherjj View Post
    I preferred the gray background. Any image or wood grain is distracting to the game play.
    This is a great little game. Thanks! However, I agree with both of the two comments above. The NaN bug is particularly annoying as it seems to happen quite frequently as my game play improves, and so I'm not enjoying the game too much any more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sacherjj View Post
    I preferred the gray background. Any image or wood grain is distracting to the game play.
    I kinda like the wood background, but I would rather it look more realistic and instead of the empty spots being gray make them look like notches in the wood..... Jus a suggestion
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    yeah i hope to have the NaN bug fixed tomorrow. As for the woodgrain... maybe i can make that into an option hehe. If there are suggested background, ill be more than happy to take those .

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    I had to make this game in my Java class way back when. I'm not sure if Yahoo games was the original creator but they call it 'Ball Lines'

    Ball Lines | Play Free Online Puzzle Games - Yahoo! Games

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    Thanks!! Fun game!!
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    Totally enjoy this game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryce14 View Post
    Thanks!! Fun game!!
    Quote Originally Posted by g33kgirl View Post
    Totally enjoy this game.
    Thanks! glad to hear you are enjoying the game! I have updated the build to fix the NaN score issue as well.

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    Not crazy about the background. It's too close in hue to the red dots. It also doesn't make sense: dots and woodgrain. A standard Pre fade would work better.

    Suggestion, maybe indicating which dots a dot can move to with shading. Also limiting which dots a dot can move to by pure line of sight? As in, not up and around the corner, down and back again. Perhaps for a harder level option.
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