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    Thanks for all the hard work. I've been waiting for the auto updates feature.

    Thanks again.
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    Sorry for the delay on getting 0.6.0 out. Right before I went to publish it, I ran a test on my Pre and the real device is not recovering the cookie with the rate table. So there's not much point in having the cookie and thus the main push for 0.6.0. Working on it tonight and will publish asap after it works.
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    OK. Found the bug with the cookie and it was a quick fix once I found it. Version 6.0 is now available on homebrew page.

    There is an issue with this version if you are converting to/from:
    Ukrainian Hyrvnia
    Phillipine Peso

    These two currencies are not available in the primary feed that I use. To get them into the prior versions, I had to build the conversion numbers from other sources. I have left those rates in place for now. As mentioned earlier, I plan on adding additional rates asap. These two will be first on my list for the next round. Look for versions 0.6.1 and 0.6.2 for those updates.

    In addition, I'll be adding more, so if anyone has a specific one they are interested in, let me know and I'll see about giving your special currency priority.

    Thanks for all the downloads folks.
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    1. Downloaded today.

    B. Tried to enter amount. Failed.

    3. Realized that you have to manually double-tap the orange button to switch a numeric input field to input numbers.

    4. Basic functionality failure detected.

    5. Closed app.

    6. Deleted app.

    Unless there's a currency that is denominated in letter amounts - "That sandwich will be three Ps and two Ws." - this is a shocking oversight.
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    The problem you describe DirkBelig is one that Sky Nazi brought up early on. The problem is that I've not been able to find a way set numbers only within a Mojo input dialog box. The documentation shows an option to set, but as yet I've not been able to make it function. I'll go play with it some more. Sorry you were dissatisfied with your experience.
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    I love it. It's exactly what I've been looking for thanks... I really like the credit card rate displayed, because that's a more accurate number for my use. Is there a donation bucket available? I'd contribute.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stashu11 View Post
    I love it. It's exactly what I've been looking for thanks... I really like the credit card rate displayed, because that's a more accurate number for my use. Is there a donation bucket available? I'd contribute.
    Glad you like it. At this point I'm just collecting thanks. I would be interested in how the credit card numbers compare to reality. It's based upon research into what the credit card companies charge and there doesn't seem to be a uniform amount. I've seen as low as 2.6% and as high as something like 4.1%.
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    I should pass on thanks to DirkBelig and Ryltar (from the Palm Dev forums). Dirk's lashing got me focused enough to fix this issue of the keyboard not being in number mode. Ryltar provided the solution to getting the number lock set. Although I've tried this number lock thing before several times, the way Ryltar had it coded forces it to work. I suspect that somewhere in WebOS there is a bug if the textbox setup isn't coded just so.

    Bottom line - V 0.6.1 is coming out as soon as I can post it & get moderator approval. It fixes the input issues related to numbers only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken M View Post

    Bottom line - V 0.6.1 is coming out as soon as I can post it & get moderator approval. It fixes the input issues related to numbers only.
    Great work and great utility, love it!

    2 things that came to my mind of which I think will be very useful (esp I travel a lot)

    1. convert to two (or more) currency at the same time ie US$ to HK$ and Remimbi at the same time.

    2. maybe a cheat sheet page. HK$ to US$ in HK$1,HK$5,HK$500 etc
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    I've been playing with this app for a couple days now. I still love it and wouldn't want to give it up. One thing I would personally change, if I wrote the program, is to switch the defaults. I would like to see the US dollar as the bottom one (to). I find I always have to change that every time I open the app. Another idea is to have the app open to the last operation used. This is being very nit picky, and please don't think I am criticizing your fine app. I am merely conveying how it would work better for me.
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    I'll let you in on a secret - One of the original design specs from back in like February will solve your problem. The latest main addition of storing the rates is required the learning how Palm implemented storage things like cookies and the Depot. Now that I've learned how to do that, I can solve your problem by storing the last currencies that you last used. Thus, once that feature is built, you will only have to set it once. After that it will keep the same setting, until you change it.

    A related function, also in the future, is the swap. A swap direction button.
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    I just sent in release 0.6.2. This has the swap button that Sky Nazi requested. Improved help buttons. Notification of successful update after startup. A few other things.
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    Thanks so much for the updates. I've been watching every day for them.
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    Thanks for your support. It means a lot. Also thanks to whomever commented in the app catalog reviews of 'my competitor' that Exch-Calc was superior. Too bad the comment's been deleted.
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    I just wanted to chime in and thank Ken on the forums for what he has done with this app.
    I have spent now 6 of the last 10 weeks in Argentina where I had ZERO cell signal. Supposedly, Sprint/Pre should work there but I had no luck connecting at all. And considering the charges for data and roaming, I wouldn't have wanted to connect anyway.
    However, Wi-Fi was a life saver. It was present in many places, but not everywhere. I was using the "other" exchange rate app and quickly found out that if I were without a Wi-Fi connection, it wouldn't give me a conversion at all. Obviously, their focus was on giving the exact exchange at that particular moment in time. Nice, but useless if you have no connection.
    Ken's app stores the rates offline for use if no connection is available. WHOOHOO! Perfect answer for me. I don't care if the exchange is off a few cents because I haven't connected in a few days. At least I have a figure much more accurate than an offhand mental calculation based on what I "think" the rate was the last time I checked.
    Thanks Ken for a great app! And thank you for your personal attention with regards to the Argentinian Peso conversion.
    If Linux doesn't have a solution, then you probably have the wrong problem.
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    I am announcing something that has been almost a year in the making. Earlier tonight, Exch-Calc was published by Palm into the Application Catalog. This has been, and I'm sure will continue to be, an interesting journey. From someone who didn't know anything about Javascript to having a published application has been quite a ride.

    I look forward to being able to continue with a wonderful user community that just got expanded dramatically. I thank all whom have contributed comments, public or private, that have contributed to improvements in this product. has been and I'm sure will continue to be a tremendous supporter of our new emerging technology. While Palm is the driving force in WebOS, it is really a joint effort of a number of groups. Developers who are working in both groups and as individuals to create software. Users who have stepped up and spoken with cash. All of us saying 'We believe in Palm'.

    To the future. May it be bright.
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