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    are people using the sourcecode at all? is it helpful?
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    Yes, I wanted to add a flickable element to my next app, and looking at your source gave me a good overview of using that event. Thanks!
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    this looks really fun. thanks alot.
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    Looks like a good start on an air hockey game. The one for
    The iphone is fun. Just need a paddle to hit the puck,
    And multitouch support for two playee version later.
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    Good but the walls need to be thicker as the ball starts to move faster the 5 or however many pixels thick the wall is isn't enouch for the speed of the ball if the walls were thicker then they would be able to handle the speed of the ball
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    Plz choose another bg, it hurts your eyes after a while lol.
    Otherwise, fun to play with! Keeps little ones occupied for a minute. haha

    Crappy generic phone > Another crappy generic phone > Treo 700w > Palm Pre
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    Call me dumb but I can't get this to install... Need help
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    Quote Originally Posted by taethurro View Post
    Call me dumb but I can't get this to install... Need help
    Maybe I'm missing something also. My link highlights for 2 seconds and there is no app. anywhere on my launcher. I also need help.
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    Thanks! My daughter loves this.
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