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    Cant wait for a Update =-)
    -Touchpad owner
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    Quote Originally Posted by synplex View Post
    Cant wait for a Update =-)
    unfortunately, my pre has been out of commission recently (i am getting 'no device found' when I do palm-install) and therefore I havent done a lot of development. However, it will pick up again soon.
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    I get that alot also. I usually disable reenable the USB device drive, and also disable and enable Developer mode again on the pre. Windows seems to get confused when you disconnect and reconnect multiple different type devices from the same usb port. ID confusion.
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    When I start tracking it shows "screen timeout end" and then it locks. Then it works but get the same NaN distances... It worked fine 2 days ago...but I exchanged my pre, reinstalled and now...not.
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    I've been messing around with the GPS stuff... I've been using the 'startTracking' method and it continues to call updates to my update handler when the screen is on or off.

    Looks awesome though, I don't think you need a graphic designer. I like how it integrates nicely with the webOS interface.

    Also, how are you determining when you get satellite locks? I've just been ignoring updates with a horizontal accuracy greater than 25m...
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    First off, how can you guys who run more than a mile or two actually run with the Pre? This is a nice feature, but the Pre is so bulky. Do some of you have it in some type of itunes pouch?

    Second, I like this program, but the 3x I've used it, the first time it was recording time, everything else was nan, second time it worked really good and seemed accurate. Third time, my wife and I were walking, and it kept track of time, and at the very bottom it showed coordinates refreshed, but it never showed actual mileage nor pace.

    But sometimes I think something might actually be wrong with my GPS signal. At times, I can't even get a lock on google maps or Sprint GPS.
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    For tracking car mileage what would be great if one could sent an email that would have from what time to what time and mileage otherwise I will be testing it for my work. Thanks
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    I use an old zune pouch to put my pre in during my runs. It fits in there nicely.I haven't been too successful at tracking my runs. I am wondering if somehow I am blocking the antenna when I put it in the pouch? I went out for a walk holding the pre in my hand and I got excellent results.
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    Every time I hip the maps button it freezes. Anyone else have this problem?
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    Have you looked at rungps. ( It is a windows mobile only but a good program. Might give you some ideas
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    Not sure if this is a known bug: Just installed the app today and went for a bike ride of about 16 miles. I checked the app from time to time, and up until about half-way through it seemed to be doing great. But then, it seemed to lose all progress except for the duration timer, and started over with distance and speed.

    Does that happen when it loses GPS contact? If so, might be nice to pause and just pick back up with the next available reading rather than start over.
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    I can't find it in the App Catalog. Do you have a website that you have this posted on so I can keep up with when you update it. I used it for the first time this morning.

    If you could give a audible alert that maybe you could set to turn on or off in the preferences menu based on distance or time that would be phenomenal.

    I like the numbers it gave though. 8:57 Mile. 2 Hour Half-Marathon here I come.
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    Go here if you want MapMy... for the pre, MapMyFitness Community - imapmyride for the Palm Pre?

    Quote Originally Posted by intron View Post
    Great app - great idea.

    Are you familiar with imapmy for iphone?


    Check it out - they have imapmyrun, imapmyride, imapmygirlfriend .. whatever.

    Its a well developed application that might give you some ideas.

    I will test this out and compare it to my car GPS to see what I come up with.

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    This looks like a great app, that I'm interested in, once I get my pre in a few weeks (I hope!), once it's out up here in Canada . I was wondering, though, if it'd be possible to have the option of using metric distances (i.e. km) instead of miles?

    Just a thought for those of us not using the imperial system.
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    I saw mention on the First post regarding making a path on Google Maps and integrating that. Would it be possible to just have it save the Coord. every few seconds and then spit out a KML file at the end? Then all you have to do is open it with Google earth and you can view the path. Is this possible to do? Thanks for the great work!!!
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    Here is how to keep the app running, so that the Pre does not go to sleep after the idle timeout:

    Forums webOS • View topic - Another GPS question
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    Walked with this today so here you go:

    I love the UI, nice. I noticed the mph fluctuated allot. For instance I normally walk at about 4.9 mph, the mph fluctuated between 3.9 and 5.3 constantly. I'd like a steady mph, much like the gps in my car.

    Same thing with me, when unit goes to sleep, app stops calculating distance. Once it wakes back up, it goes on where it left off, skiiping the distance inbetween.

    Map button does not work.

    Keep up the good work, looks nice so far. Gotta for sure get the device stay awake while in the app though...


    Ps. I have been looking for exactly this.
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    What formula are you using to calculate pace? Seems to be way off...

    Should be time divided by milage, and for decimals, just multiply the decimal X 60.

    Looking forward to the next update!
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    Great app, hope one (or something like it) gets good soon!

    Just installed 0.5 tonight and went for a 3mi bike ride to return some movies. It got the time right (20 minutes) but reported the distance as .4mi and did not calculate speed.
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    From the minute I used the PRE's built-in navigation and google maps I knew an app like this was coming. For a first-time running gps program this is a great program. It's very accurate in tracking the two most important things when running 1) distance and 2) time. Other features, namely pace, is a little less useful as it resets once you pause during a run or pause when finished.

    One improvement could be to have not only a "pause" button but also a "finish" button or even a "split time" button where it would lock in your "pace" reading instead of resetting entirely once you stop.

    Anyway, it works and it works well. Can't believe it was a free download. Compare that to a $300 gps runner's wristwatch.

    Love the program--thanks!
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