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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyphlin View Post
    Was just going to come in and say Penny Arcade as well
    I totally agree - Penny Arcade, if possible, would make this really awesome!
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    very nice
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    Everybody, I've just updated the app to 0.5.0, beside some minor improvements it contains the following new comics!
    - Penny Arcade
    - Peanuts
    - Get Fuzzy
    - Pearls Before Swine
    - I Can Has Cheezburger (no comic but still funny)
    - Fail Blog (as above)

    Info, Contact, Donations
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    Too bad Cheezburger does not have an official API for FailBlog...
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    A GUI recommendation. Could you put the share this comic in the menu b/c i accidentally hit that button when i'm hitting the back and forward buttons at the bottom. Also when moving from a large sunday comic to a weekday one I don't see the comic and then realize i'm scrolled to far down. Could you set it so it moves focus to the top left corner when you switch dates on a comic.

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    I realize most of these comics are universal syndicate. I am the archivist for the Jeff MacNelly estate. Is it possible to include King Features' "Shoe" now by Cassatt Brookins in this?

    Let us know.

    Philip S. Rosemond
    McN E A
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    Update thread title to:
    Comics (Garfield, Dilbert, C&H, etc.) v0.5.0 [was 0.4.0] (7/31)

    Thanks for adding the additional comics!

    - Craig
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    Thank you thank you I love Peanuts thanks for the add and Idea would be blonde :-)
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    I second the addition of Blondie. Though I would love if there was a way to resize comics to fit the screen better. For example, the latest Penny Arcade is a large full page comic that makes it difficult to scroll and read. And I would like to see a more comic strip-oriented icon.

    Keep up the great work!
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    Wow, great update, love the new comics..
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

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    idk if it's just me or what but i cant get it to save the changes in the configure menu
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    Great app man.

    Full panning and zooming support would make it even more awesome.
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    I would also love to see zooming Additionally, XKCD is infinitely funnier with the "hover" text, usually noted in the image tag with "title" attribute. I might suggest putting this into your "Info" button, but you might have a more clever way of displaying that info

    There's a few webcomics I like to keep up with that I would love to see in your app, but I'm not sure if you use RSS feeds or what to get the comics:

    Sam and Fuzzy (Sam and Fuzzy, pics not included)
    Questionable Content (QC RSS)
    Real Life Comics (Real Life Comics)
    Cyanide and Happiness (, pics not included)
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    ZOMG! PEANUTS AND GET FUZZY! Thanks so much!

    Failblog will keep me occupied for a few years. haha

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    any chance for a questionable content comment.

    website is really good comic

    also maybe comics they are like penny-arcade without the games
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    thanks for the adds, one of my favorite app's
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    I would like to see pearls before swine added
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    Cool app!

    I'm not affiliated with them at all, but I really wanna see the homebrew community grow, so....

    PLEASE post your app on the new homebrew app store. It'is called PreLoad, and is run by the folks at Pimp My Pre and is also available in this forum (search PreLoad).

    I think it's a great (and easy) way to install homebrew stuff

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    Would it be possible to include many of the comics from ? If not maybe close to home & non sequestor? Thanks.
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