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    I've uploaded the new version, you'll need webOS 1.1, I hope everything works now, since it works very well in the emulator. Also please move back to homebrews, thanks
    edit: bummer ...
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    Fantastic job, Roar!

    What, no FoxTrot?
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    C & H (Cyanide and Happiness) aka explosm!

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    This is working now w/ the 1.1 upgrade
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    It works! It works! It works! It works!

    - Craig
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    This came out very nice.... I love it..
    Remember, this is my opinion ! We all have a right to our own.....

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    Hello all,

    This started working after the last update of WebOS 1.1.... it's an amazing application, thanks to the author for such an amazing application.
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    The app has been working great since updating to the 1.1 firmware. I haven't had any issues yet and loading other comics has been a breeze. I hope to see some more classic comic strips like the aforementioned Peanuts, Blondie, Zits, or some of the other standbys.

    I would also like to see a new icon showcasing a comic strip rather than a comic book since it would better display the app contents.
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    The answer to this is probably no, but I have to ask anyway. Is there any way that you could display the alt-text for the images? Especially important for xkcd, which more often than not is just as funny there as in the comic itself.
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    New Version with new comic configuration window will be released shortly.
    jhoff: I thought about that because of xkcd, will see, where I can squeeze that text in.
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    This great it flows nice does the lanscape mode etc. I went to add a comic and it said no preset available. Will that ever be active. I love the comics so this has been great. I see the progress you have made from the Garfield and Dilbert.
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    Released to Homebrew forums. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Thanks! Can't wait to configure my own too.
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    Thank you, I've been waiting for this
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    Very fine work on this. Landscape is nice for typical wide strips.

    Further improvement suggestions:

    - Add Up and Down buttons at the bottom to jump between comics. This would make it quicker to look at all of today's comics.

    - Add Always open on xxxx comic option

    - When changing comics, reset scroll to top, left. Going from a Sunday to a Weekday can make everything disappear and give the illusion that something errored, when the user just need to scroll up and over.

    - The hardest of my suggestions: If the up and down arrows are there, preloading the previous and next graphics would be really slick. Not sure if loading them into a hidden div would allow caching to automatically handle this when you load the new scene or if your would have to be more creative. This would make comic changes by arrow immediate and really make checking all comics feel smooth.

    - Render to full page option? Be like dragging down the funny pages. The configure section already has all you need for this, with reorder and selection. Although formatting different image width would be something to work out.

    - Scroll the comic selection list to have the current comic in the middle. It gets tedious to scroll down all the way to select those at the end. Possibly also having an indicator for the currently selected one when it opens.

    I think this is something I'll be opening daily. Very nice.
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    Looking forward to grabbing the update later today. Is vertical scrolling supported now for the Sunday Garfield comics that are multiple panels long?
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    thanks a mil!
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    Quote Originally Posted by willxcore View Post
    Looking forward to grabbing the update later today. Is vertical scrolling supported now for the Sunday Garfield comics that are multiple panels long?
    Yes. As is landscape. Much improved.
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    It's great - thanks so much!!
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    Awesome app... thanks again for all your hard work!
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