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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    he pulled the app till 1.1 comes out
    Don't understand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bujin View Post

    This looks like it has the makings of a great app! However, at the moment, I can't get any comics other than Garfield - the header doesn't give a dropdown of choices for me.
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    Sweet! No need to by the newspaper now.
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    thanx very much this is a pretty cool app, looking forward to more in the futer
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    Quote Originally Posted by shock_terminal View Post
    Don't understand.
    He pulled the APP because it only works on the 1.1 Emulator.

    Right now, on our phones, the APP doesn't scroll (so we can't see all of the comic strip) and you can't change comic strips yet (can't go from Garfield to Dilbert, for example).

    I'm really looking forward to this because I have the original Garfield and Dilbert applications this guy posted and I hate switching apps just to see each of them.
    Thanks again to roar! Love the idea of being able to read comics on my phone.
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    A great comic for this would be "Least I Could Do".

    Least I Could Do: the Webcomic Updated Daily
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    Looks great.
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    Another vote here for Doonesbury. Also, a lesser known comic that I love is Off the Mark, and I'd love to see that.
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    another vote for least i could do.
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    Since we are alledgedly getting the 1.1 update today, can you post the ipk again with the only works in 1.1 disclaimer?
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    Cyanide and Happiness.
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    I've added a few of your suggestions, the list of comics included now is (new are bold):
    - Garfield
    - Dilbert
    - Calvin & Hobbes
    - Garfield minus Garfield
    - xkcd
    - PHD Comics
    - John & John
    - Schlock Mercenary
    - Amazing Superpowers
    - Least I Could Do
    - The Boondocks

    Note that I cannot add every comic you suggested because one of the following reasons applied:
    - the use of the specific comic is explicitly forbidden without prior consent by the author (I hope nobody of those whose comic I included will complain, or I'd have to remove the comic from the app)
    - the comic does not provide an rss feed (with the comics included, not just links) (comics from do not apply to this rule)
    I try to keep bandwith usage to a minimum, therefore I do not want to load a whole comic website in order to display the comic, you could do that with your browser, too
    Comics from are not yet supported for these last two reasons. I'd love to include Peanuts and others from but can't seem to find a way without loading to the whole website ( is being redesigned at the moment, maybe they'll add an rss feed, like they did on so stay tuned).

    I'll upload the app again when 1.1 is out.
    Thanks for your suggestions
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    cool thanks
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    This is cool. I have quite a few superhero comics in compressed form, a reader for that would be awesome as well...
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    I can't wait for webOS Version 1.1 to come out so that I can get the new ipk!

    You are just on a roll!

    - Craig
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    I moved this for further discussion and will move back (or you should really update your original comic app thread) once you release the latest .ipk file.
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    please put
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