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    Can't download the latest version with either Preware or File Coaster. "Corrupt package."
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    Love the update. Spent the day laughing at Graph Jam
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    Thanks for adding more, this is one of my few daily apps I use.
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    this is my favorite app, specially now with the fixes. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by glorifiedg View Post
    It doesn't have my favorite Jesus and Mo
    This comic will definitely be in the next version, thanks for the great suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by zinge View Post
    Not sure how complicated this might be, but is there any way to add in an option to display the comics how they were before the update? Before I could read, scroll, next comic very simply. Now I have to hit the fullscreen button before reading, and back out again before switching to the next comic. If this isn't all that easy, don't worry about it. Thanks for the app.
    I found that you could read almost all comics when you use landscape mode but I'll see if I can improve that.

    Quote Originally Posted by MannyZ28 View Post
    Will you be submitting this app to the app catalog? I am too lazy to do homebrew apps, but I would definitely buy your app if it was in the catalog!
    The App will probably be available via Palm's new web distribution system (for free) soon.
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    Loving the update! As a webOS devotee, I would still love to see Shattered Myth on here!
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    omg thank you for the great program... is there any way you can add liberty meadows?
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    What about "Sherman's Lagoon"? Will you ad this cartoon to your app?

    Frank :-)
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    Thanks for a great app!
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    Are you using RSS feeds to get the comics? There's a yahoo pipe that works with RSS readers to display Penny Arcade properly:

    Pipes: Penny Arcade Comics [fixed]
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    Quote Originally Posted by roar View Post
    This comic will definitely be in the next version, thanks for the great suggestion :
    Thank you very very very very much! Your app is so great. I'm relly digging it.
    that comic is hilarious. Lol!

    ps: I didn't noticed you're from germany. Long live ower qwertz pre x) lol
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    OMG! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE UPDATE! Latley, many of the comics weren't working until now with the update. I use this app daily and I am hooked so I'm so happy with the update. Once again, THANK YOU! Also I was wondering if you can add Bizarro comic: Bizarro |
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    First off! Thanks so much for the great app! It's really enjoyable to get a chance to check these all out when I have a free moment and need a laugh!

    Will you be looking at scaling the comics so they fit optimally in the window or is that even something you can do? Having the Pixi now, it takes a bit of work to resize each comic to be able to read and really slows down being able to read numerous strips. Sorry if that sounds like I'm complaining, I'm not, just curious- and I don't even know if they could be optimally fitted to the screen based on how your gathering all the comics.

    Also, I have another suggestion for a comic!

    Red Meat - from the secret files of Max Cannon

    free comics - free online games - free crossword -
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    I'm really liking this App!

    With the latest update, you made the zoom feature work in such a way that would make reading comic books and manga very easy. Any chance of getting a "Local saved comic" option added that pulls pictures from local Pre folders?
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    This looks great. I can't wait to use it!
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    I can't wait for the update with Jesus an Mo
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    Can you include F Minus?

    And Bizarro too?
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    For xkcd, is it possible to get the mouseover comments as well?
    (sorry if this has been asked already)
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    Quote Originally Posted by eovnu87435ds View Post
    For xkcd, is it possible to get the mouseover comments as well?
    (sorry if this has been asked already)
    They're already there, are you using the newest version? It's the text underneath the picture.

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