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    so much easier
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    yea I would rather just un-hide the developer mode app that palm created by using the wiki instructions.
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    We just need to uncomment a line in the code. and a developer mode icon shows up on the install page
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    Perfect little app, Thanks!!
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    only had to type dev code once
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    excellent app!
    I appreciate this one!
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    Thanks, from my fingers :-)
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    You have been selected by the PreCentral's members as one of the top Homebrew Applications. Congratulations!

    Here is the list:

    1. My Notifications - set sounds for Pre alerts - Kaerey
    2. BlockDrop (was Pretris) - elchileno
    3. DevMode Launcher - no more codes to type! - cstucker
    4. Solitaire Card Game -t.tokarczyk01
    5. PrePackage: Package Tracking
    6. My Tether-Tether over WiFi, USB, and BT - aonic
    7. Translator - 20+ Languages - roar
    8. Dot Game - oil
    9. Stopwatch/Timer - sambao21
    10. Tip Calculator *Redux* -PreGame
    11. WxRad Animated Weather Radar -adsllc
    12. Dilbert/Garfield Daily Comics - roar
    13. Brickbreaker - kmax12
    14. Snake - roar
    15. Checkers -kesne
    16. Farts - CTL Advance
    17. PREtracker - GPS - kmax12
    18. Chess - rboatright
    19. Soundboard - sound effects machine - lrdavis4
    20. Scientific Calculator - rboatright

    Thank you for everything you have done so far!

    - Craig
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    Thanks everyone for the support.
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    I have a simple newbie question. If we install your app (or if we don't), the instructions for installing ipk files say to put the device in developer mode, and that this only has to be done once. As a newbie, is the phone supposed to stay in developer mode, or can it be put back in regular mode after the app is loaded? The very existence of your app suggests it should be put back in regular mode, but I just wanted to check.
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    There are a lot of opinions on this subject. I myself have not found any evidence that it is an issue to leave it in dev mode, but I also play it safe and always turn dev mode off after I'm done. I ran some tests and posted the results somewhere in this thread(here is the link:
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    Great app man, we really needed something like this!
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    cstucker, first off great app m8!!! Works prefectly everytime.

    But I was woundering, sense this app works by running a script of comands right? Is there away you can change the script so it runs the email landscaping hack? You know "Shift+R-ockn-Shift+R-oll....
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    Thanks, cstucker! Great work.
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    do u really have to turn off developer mode after u install apps???
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    Works great - thank you
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    Huge favor to ask, you app is almost perfect for something I overlooked. This afternoon my wife's pre died on her in the sense that the touch screen stopped working. Possible that it was a hardware issue, but because it happened out of the blue I think it just a likely a software issue... Nothing I can think of happened software wise, but just still would have been nice to look under the hood and make sure. Now to check myself I would have to get into developer mode, but to toggle the switch I needed touchscreen access. Sucks for me... I could bring up dev mod through the keyboard, but no keyboard input to toggle the friggin switch.

    So anyway, your app would have been so right for what I needed, but wrong becuase of no keyboard input. Any chance with your next rollout you can look at adding some keyboard input to toggle that friggin switch...LOL. Thanks for your good work.
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    I could add in a keyboard shortcut to the toggle switch, but I'm afraid it wouldn't really help in your situation. My app doesn't actually switch the device into dev mode, it just launches the dev mode switcher so you don't have to type in the code. I can look into other modifications and see if I can actually enable dev mode from my app so we could bypass the switcher app.
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    thanks.. this will be very useful.
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