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    Checkbook has been updated!

    Checkbook v0.5.9: [08/03/2009]
    Change Log
    • Ability to clear a transaction
    • Ability to hide an account from the main screen
    • Cleared & Future transactions are colored differently from standard transactions
    • Removed unique account name requirement
    • Query character escape
    • Help screen converted to Scene
    • New program icon
    • Choose how accounts are sorted
    • Preferences
      • PIN lock
      • Email summary of accounts
      • Total balance options
        • Choose if cleared or future transactions are shown in the balance overview
      • Preferred view for balance
      • Modify account category page
    • Bugfix: ' can now be entered in a description!
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    Glad to see all the new features you implemented in the new version.

    Few bugs, though.

    I tried making it so not all my accounts appear on the main screen (don't want them included in the total balance) and I got the following:

    Error:TypeError:Cannot call method 'setWidgetModel' of undefined
    After I did, for a while none of the accounts appeared so that I could edit their preferences. The error will randomly crop up when I enter that particular screen.

    I tried adding a new account and I could not choose an account type (had no options). Error popped up again after a while.

    One of my accounts deleted itself.

    When I went in to set an account category, I got the same error message.

    At another point, the account category screen was filled with tons of instances of 'checking' 'savings' and 'credit card' that I hadn't entered. Since exiting and entering that screen once more, they haven't appeared since, but I've gotten the error message, this time multiple times.

    All the amounts I'd entered before the update were gone, until I tried to add/remove something. When I go to the screen, under 'account' it will temporarily show just a number instead of the account name. Eventually it'll fix itself; one of the times I got the error again.

    After having opened/closed the app a few times, every time I try reopening the screen stayed frozen on
    Checkbook by GlitchTechScience. Checking DB version...
    Hope my pointing all these things out helps somewhat. Maybe my Pre is just weird and is giving me errors left and right that shouldn't be happening, lol. Gonna roll back to the previous version in the meantime.
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    Hi, Thanks much for the update... A couple of questions:

    Do I uninstall the old one before installing the newer one?

    Is it possible to import/transfer the account & info from the old to the newer version?

    Thanks alot!!!
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    Hey I have had the same problems as stated earlier the app was really buggy I like all the new features and icon but for now I'll go back a version till this clears up already lost all my informaton but I love the app so keep up all the great work!!
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    Great App...I haven't installed the new version yet, do I need to just install over the old version?

    Great work BTW!! Only thing missing from my personal wish list is Quicken sync!
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    I'm having allot of problems since I installed the new one over the old one I'm going to do a fresh instal and see if it makes a difference.
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    ok I did a fresh install and I get a error code saying "Update failed Error was no such table:accounts(Code1)
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    I installed over the old version & was great had all my accounts in. until I reopened checkbook then it went buggy. So I did a fresh install still buggy & no accounts. Great program usually works very well.
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    Installed the latest version over top previous. It opened first time around, so I created a PIN closed and reopened now its stuck at 'Checking DB Version' I've closed and reopened several times with same result. Should I uninstall/reinstall?

    BTW awesome app!!
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    i installed v0.5.9 over v0.5.4 and when i try to launch the app, i get the message that it's "Checking DB version..." it does this indefinitely; did i install wrong?
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    Thanks for your great work on this app. Would it be possible to add some form of cash flow projection tool (like in MS Money) to this app? Something where you can predict your future balances on accounts based on projected income and expenses?
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    Frack... Sorry guys, I thought I had all the kinks out. I'll see what I can do.

    Update: It seems that different scenes are using each other's functions for some reason, even though object reference is proper and it works just fine on the emulator (I didn't get a single bug on the emulator, stupid inconsistent software). I am working on a few changes and am going to test them out exclusively on the Pre.

    I've also noticed that several of the queries are taking far longer on some scenes than on others. I'll see what that is about. It could be what is causing the "Checking DB version..." freeze.

    Lastly, it seems the DB structure has some issues. I am not sure why at this second, but from running the app on the Pre only a few times, I have managed to get one spot to run over 250 times... That is majorly wrong. Grr...

    I'll let you know when I figure something out. Sorry again for the trouble.
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    Checkbook v0.5.91: [08/03/2009]
    Change Log
    • Bug Fixes
      • Removed extra thousand some-odd items in DB (Any custom account categories will be lost)
      • Fixed Prefs screen bugs
      • Fix bug which caused DB to enter tons of duplicate items

    That should take care of the issues that everyone experienced. jasetroncs, you post was most helpful in pinning down the bug-spawners. Please let me know of any more bugs so I can squash them. I'm checking the fresh install bug right now and am trying to replicate it consistently.
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    thanks again.
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    After applying the update to .91 i'm still stuck at Checking DB version... should i uninstall and reinstall or wipe the DB out?
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    Checkbook v0.5.92: [08/03/2009]
    Change Log
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fresh install works again
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    Quote Originally Posted by jschramm97 View Post
    After applying the update to .91 i'm still stuck at Checking DB version... should i uninstall and reinstall or wipe the DB out?
    Was it a fresh install? If so, I've just fixed that.
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    I lost my data but version .92 works, cool thanks man!

    BTW It was more then likely my fault I lost my data, in an attempt to get it working i erased the folder under .app-storage for checkbook, but it was empty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jschramm97 View Post
    I lost my data but version .92 works, cool thanks man!
    Sorry about that. The DB should be stabilizing now with far less uncontrolled changes. Data loss shouldn't happen anymore after this version. I'm not saying you won't definitely, just that it might happen since from V0.4.7 to V0.5.92 I have had to make massive changes to the DB with each major version change. I originally didn't plan for as extensive of an app as this going to become.
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    I LOVE this app. I went to our State Fair today (and blew a ton of $ XD), and it got how much I had exactly.
    Thanks for it

    Crappy generic phone > Another crappy generic phone > Treo 700w > Palm Pre
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