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    Quote Originally Posted by dkotoric1 View Post
    Ya this is a great app, Malefikus, why don't you check with ryltar and maybe you could both work together at making this app one of the best.
    Well, if you looked in the dictionary under JavaScript Newb, my name would be the definition. The app I want to make will take (I think) a lot, and I have no clue how to do it right now. So, jumping in with ryltar to make this one better will be kind of premature :P
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    Did anyone elses checkbook get wiped out with the web os 1.1 update? It wiped out all my info,had to start over,lol. Thank god I still keep my actual register,lol
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    Yup wiped mine clean
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    yap sucks me to but I don't have it backed up
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    It happened as well. I couldn't figure out why, but I am thinking they changed how external dbs are handled. If you don't want to you loose your data, I'd say try not to get 1.1

    Sadly, I think writing files (i.e. Export) is not an ability as of now... So I don't think there is anything that can be done about it... I'll keep poking around though.
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    Bingo! I found what caused the issue and there is not anything one can do about it. Palm finally set it up so Databases set up on the Media partition actually are located there. Since Checkbook was originally supposed to be located there, the 1.1 update relocated the DB there. This removed any associations to the old DB that I had.

    So the only way to save your old data is through a command line accessible Pre. You'll have to go into the file structure and save the DB to your local computer system. Then perform the update and run Checkbook again. Then copy the saved Checkbook DB back over to the Pre and you should be good. My personal Pre is not command line accessible, so this is according to my friend who 'rooted' his Pre.

    Sorry that this happened everyone, but it is a Beta app and Application dev in general for the Pre is still in the Beta stage. But on the bright side, you can now save your data from Checkbook on a local computer system in case of a system failure.
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    Thank you. Just what I needed.
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    Waiting for my Pre to reboot in dev mode so I can install this. This is my first homebrew app to install. Now I can stop using the free MyCheckbook app on my Centro. That was the only reason I was using the Centro anymore.
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    This is just a suggestion for the intro post, but a thought is to include that:

    WebOS 1.1 Users: To export the data from Checkbook set your Pre to USB mode and copy [insert filename(s) here] from /media/internal to your desktop. To restore your data copy files back to /media/internal (i assume this is correct to restore?)

    Anyways just a thought.. This app is a life saver!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryltar View Post
    Believe me, I feel the same way about the import/export and recurring transactions. They are high on my dev list right now. If I can get the file picker working properly for me, Import will be in the next release (export might be there too).

    For the recurring transactions, I think I have a work around to have them function... I still have a lot of framework to set up for them though, but they are coming along.
    thanks for responding and everyone will probably hate me for this next comment, but take your time and don't rush it.
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    Add me to the list of users requesting the ability to mark a transaction as cleared by the bank. And also to be able to see the cleared balance and uncleared balance. Thanks for your time and work.
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    Great App

    Quote Originally Posted by corq View Post
    No I meant strictly a pin/password to lock the application itself from anyone else.
    I agree that we need a pin to lock the application to keep nosey people out of our account.

    Quote Originally Posted by MGMTiger View Post
    I'd like to second these requests. I love the app and truly appreciate you writing it!
    Quote Originally Posted by Habious View Post
    I think these have all been covered, but throwing my $.02 in none the less...

    First, GREAT APP! Thanks for writing this! I've been using Pocket Money with Classic so that I could have something.

    A way to mark transactions as "cleared", and a way to see a running balance of "all transactions" and "cleared transactions".

    I think that it should either let you choose if the transaction is a depost or withdrawl...or the app should default to numbers being withdrawls. I don't know about anyone else, but I make 2 deposits a month...and 3 withdrawls a day. The "-" is an unnecessary step.

    It would be nice if the app remembered the Payee or "Description" so, once I've been to "McDonald's" once, it should remember that. I start typing "M" and it autofills the rest in, based on the database of previous transactions.

    Quote Originally Posted by mccmike View Post
    My biggest desire is for recurring transactions. I have my Bank autopay some bills and I would like to have my checkbook autoenter those transactions so I can forget about the payment process of those bills.
    Quote Originally Posted by dkotoric1 View Post
    Thanks so just to confirm we have to re-enter everything in when we upgrade

    Quote Originally Posted by dkotoric1 View Post
    ok finally installed this and I have to say I love the improvements. The one thing I would like changed is the ability to select which accounts are included in the main screen by account for the total of all accounts. As I track my mortgage and car loans with this app.
    Quote Originally Posted by fareal View Post
    Add me to the list of users requesting the ability to mark a transaction as cleared by the bank. And also to be able to see the cleared balance and uncleared balance. Thanks for your time and work.
    Ditto on all comments above

    I have several accounts with one bank but when I try to enter it and designate one as Checking and then one as Savings it tells me duplicate account exist so I have to give it another name.

    Bank of America Savings
    Bank of America Checking (won't go)
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    Aweome, keep up the great work!!
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    Really disappointed the update breaks this. Do you have plans to update?
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    This was the type of app I was waiting for!! Thanks!

    Some possible suggestions for future updates....
    Being able to edit the account names. I goofed and I don't know how to delete and start over.
    Being able to export to some sort of excel file (maybe once excel is really offered on the pre).
    Adding categories of expenses - again with the option of putting into excel.
    I created my own "cash" account - but maybe you have a better method?

    Thanks again! this is great
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    Quote Originally Posted by g33kgirl View Post
    Really disappointed the update breaks this. Do you have plans to update?
    My understanding is that the update did not "break this". Just changed the way in which the database is handled so that the pre-update database is not accessible. However, a database created after the update should not suffer the same fate after the next update.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Awesome app. When installing all my homebrews I'd actually looked this one over. I'm not one to 'balance my checkbook' per se, but this is definitely a step up from checking all of my five accounts online.

    Suggestions (may have been covered already):

    - Setting an initial balance when opening a new account, as opposed to having to list it as a new 'income.'

    - An option to erase all transactions in one fell swoop. Granted, I could just add a deposit for the full amount that's been debited, but one of my uses for this app is simply to keep track of how much I've spent on my credit card. It would be nice to have a clean screen for every monthly cycle.

    - An option to choose whether or not we want the net balance for all accounts listed at the top, or which accounts to be included in the net balance. One of my accounts is a credit card I do not pay for, and another a savings account which I refuse to touch; the balance on those two throws off how much money I actually have 'available.'

    - Recurring transactions... I have both deposits and debits into/out of one of my accounts always occur on fixed dates and for a set amount. Not something that'll make or break the app, but it's definitely convenient.

    - A better icon in the launcher, lol. But again, not a dealbreaker.

    But overall, excellent job.
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    This is almost exactly what I've been waiting for!! Thank you!!! The only thing I see missing is a way to check-off or archive a transaction, so that when I settle this against my statement or online banking, I can't mark or remove the ones that have cleared.
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    Looks great, THANK YOU!

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