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    Quote Originally Posted by ryltar View Post
    That is something I completely agree with, though I am not sure the best course of action for it. I'm putting it on my todo list for the app, but I don't know when it will get completed.
    Is there anyway to make a copy of the database to the USB Mass Storage partition when exiting the application? If that were possible then people could just drag a copy of that file to their desktop every once and while so there was a good backup of the data.
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    awesome - especially looking forward to a quicken sync of sorts..

    I was looking for a solution to track my cash, and this fits the bill..
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    Very nice and useful I needed one of these bad thanks a ton cant wait for your next updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    Is there anyway to make a copy of the database to the USB Mass Storage partition when exiting the application? If that were possible then people could just drag a copy of that file to their desktop every once and while so there was a good backup of the data.
    The storage scheme should be doing that automatically according to the palm documentation since I am using the command openDatabase( "ext:checkbookData" ) to open the DB.
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    awesome app, thanks!
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    so any idea when a updated version will be released, I really can't wait, this is the most anticipated app.
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    An updated version is pretty close to release now. I had to do a major change to the DB structure due to all the great suggestions. So right now, the hold up is that I am trying to write a transfer function for anyone that already has large amounts of data in the program...

    The following items are changes in the next version right now, a few more may be added as well. I think I may have a new version out either tomorrow or Wednesday night depending on what paying work I have to do.

    • Fix view account page CSS
    • Account screens
      • Ability to edit accounts
      • Color text depending on value
    • Transaction screens
      • remove old buttons, add deposit/transfer/debit buttons
      • Change new/edit to remove mandatory scrolling
      • Make amount box go automatically into number mode
      • Better way of indicating funds in or out
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    GREAT!! Cant wait for the update!! This is the MOST USEFUL App to date!! This is the ONE app I been waiting for since I got the Pre! Great work and thanks again for all your hard work!!
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    I scanned through all the posts and I don't think I saw this so I'll throw it out there. First off I really like the app and am looking forward to future updates/features. One thing I think would help would be in the description field have a drop down option showing a list of frequently used items in addition to being able to type a description.

    Thanks again for the great app.
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    I'm using this for my cash / expense reports.. would love an option to clear all transactions (without deleting the account type..)

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    love the app so far... can't wait to see the updated version... definitely helpful
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    My biggest desire is for recurring transactions. I have my Bank autopay some bills and I would like to have my checkbook autoenter those transactions so I can forget about the payment process of those bills.
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    I just wanted to show my support for this homebrew and extend my thanks.

    I came to the palm from a blackberry about a month ago and no checkbook register app had me second guessing myself more than once. This app is simply a life safe for me - I can't stand not know what is in my account at any given time!

    Thanks again for your time and I look foward trying out future versions!
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    Awesome App!
    Possible add to the list of to dos...a total of all accounts on the account screen.
    It gives me totals for each account, but I don't see a running total for all the accounts.
    I'm guessing it wouldn't be that hard to add, and I definitely use this function a lot with POcket Quicken in Classic!
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    I've got an update which is 90% ready to go. The only thing holding it back is that my update DB function isn't working correctly and I cannot figure out why. I've made a ton of changes to the DB structure thanks to the many suggestions I've been given.

    The two issues with the update DB function I am having right now are
    1. The amount entered is being increased by 10X (ie 45 becomes 450)
      I cannot figure out why this is happening in my code, test prints show that the query string is should insert the proper value, so I can only guess that something goes wrong after the insert.

      Even more annoying is this is only an issue on the main page where you see all the accounts. When I open the individual account page it shows up fine.

      I think it may have to do with the SQLite SUM function and how the data was inserted into the DB. I use that to calculate the total balance on one page (wrong value page) and I use totalBalance += itemBalance on the other.

      If I start an account as a clean clean slate after a DB update (no previous transactions), everything works just shiny.
    2. Only one record is being entered even though the query string has multiple inserts
      This I don't know about... The query string shows all the data ready to insert but the final result doesn't.

    If I cannot figure it out by later tonight, I'll push the update out but all current records will be lost. While this is currently a beta and that sort of thing can be expected, I really do not want to do that.
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    Foreign currencies support please. And allow user define the Fx rate. I travel to mutiple countries on my trip, been looking for this type of program on Pre. Thank you.
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    I wouldn't worry so much about transferring data man, we understand its beta and this app is sooi useful I think we can spend 10 minutes reentering our data ESPECIALLY seeing how you spend HOURS making this app for us!! Thanks so much again!! And I don't know if I speak for everyone but I sure don't mind reentering my data.
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    Well I do care about reentering my data because i have like 9 accounts entered with transactions in each but that doesn't mean you shouldn't push an update. Maybe I will just wait for the next one but there are plenty of people that will appriciate it.
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    I'll take it without the transfer function... I'd suggest doing it both ways. There are probably more than a few of us who either just started or also realize we can save what's there and it really won't matter if it is actually loaded into the next version as long as the balances are there. I mean...all our old paper check registers are in a drawer somewhere. I am going to go donate right now. Gotta support my local developers :-) I also never swap songs and I don't go to the library...
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    I just put the update online (v0.5.4).

    I managed to fix the DB conversion function, stupid error. I was calling the insert old records function 10 times

    I'm going to be out of town for this weekend so I won't be able to work on the application too much I'll be keeping up with this post though, so tips, suggestions, bugs (hopefully none), etc are welcome
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