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    Quote Originally Posted by synplex View Post
    So are there card graphics for this game or is it just text?? Thx
    Quote Originally Posted by vreihen View Post
    ...If you would like to see these features, feel free to add them yourself. That's the heart and soul of open-source software...
    OK, so vreihen has tapped out. Is there anyone who can bring 21 the rest of the way? What would it take to display a small graphic of a 4 of Diamonds instead of the text "4 of Diamonds"?

    We have other open source card games in Homebrew that are able to use card faces. Can those graphics be used?

    And by the way weren't the first markings on cave walls graphical? Written phonetic language came much later. I bet most people today would prefer a graphical color screen smart phone to the old monochrome text phones.

    vreihen, thank you for giving this project a start.

    - Craig
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    Basic game, needs some gui work. Still a good job, i would code the rest of the game myself but the most programing experience I have is with qbasic (lol)
    Ive been using a webapp made for the iphone for blackjack since I got it, it will be nice to have a native game instead.
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    sometimes this place is like a huge frat house.......or maybe daycare....... either way.
    The Wams
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    It actually shouldn't be too bad, since you just need to swap out a blank picture for one of each card.

    If you take a look at my Craps application that I've started, I already have gotten dice to roll graphically doing a similar thing, it shouldn't be too hard for someone to do similarly for cards.

    (And no, not just trying to draw attention to myself, I honestly don't care if anyone likes my app or not. I'm mostly just doing my app for myself anyway. But, I think it might be helpful to look at how I do the dice thing for someone who isn't sure how they might want to have the cards switch here. Though, if someone else knows what they're doing they might know a better way anyway.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    It actually shouldn't be too bad, since you just need to swap out a blank picture for one of each card...
    Would you do it?

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinde View Post
    Would you do it?

    - Craig
    Maybe when I get the app I'm trying to write myself to a level where I'd call it finished, but I suspect someone else will take it on long before then.
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    This is pretty good for now... keep up the good work
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    if graphics, and multy player gets added, it should be shifted into a landscape app.
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    Thanks, will try it out later on.
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    could you post source? i want to see how these apps work if not no biggie
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    Looking forward to more graphics. This is functional, but it doesn't "feel" like I am playing cards. Thanks for your work!
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    i know right im currently starting to get into the homebrew scene
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    ya it is good, but it is basic to the full extent of the word. looking forward to updates, thanks
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    Eh what the hell, i'll take a whack at it. I need a better blackjack just as much as you guys do . I can't promise you how long it'll take me to get a first release out (I am a busy guy), but i'm picking up the code and i'll run with it.

    My Todo List:

    In Order of Importance

    Card Graphics
    Real Money/Change betting amount
    Modify Layout
    Double Down
    Surrender? (Is this something anyone would like to see? Not too many casinos use it any more..)

    Wishlist (Beyond my programming expertise.. can you help me with this??)

    Online Multiplayer
    Spanish 21 Rules

    I don't know about anyone else, but I've NEVER hit a blackjack. So i'm going to look the code over and see what I can find relating to that as well.

    Anything else to add to the todo or wishlist?

    I'm probably going to rename the expansion "Twenty1" unless someone has a better idea.

    Thanks to the OP for the head start, PM me your real name and i'll add you into my credits
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    This is what I get for speaking so soon. This app needs to be written from the ground up for Mojo, this current code is useless if I want to modernize it, and simply wasn't built to support images.

    I'll see what I can do, but this is shaping up to be one hell of a task.
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    we need a good Blackjack game....I wish I was smart enough to develop one

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    we need a good Blackjack game....I wish I was smart enough to develop one

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    Nice app actually i have been using it as a training platform for my blackjack game i have been researching over the internet and have found a couple of links like this of blackjack strategy that had help me a lot because they have a simplified version of the blackjack basic strategy . The basic strategy is quite good to have a table with it open side by side with the app.

    very refreshing experience...
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    Well, I happened upon this thread by chance and was amazed that some JavaScript I wrote one rainy afternoon some 12 years ago is still of interest! Of course it can easily be adapted to display graphics by adding a pre-load function to build an array of Image objects for each of the 52 cards. After each turn the appropriate Image can then be assigned to an HTML src attribute for display.
    Mike McGrath
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