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    UPDATE: 10/14/2009, version 0.8.3, new version has been posted in the homebrew apps here. check it out! this version fixes the roll button bug when that game is initially opened and now remember the last name that got on the high scores board.

    i am still working on undo, remember state of the game, global high scores and a friendlier ui so that this app can be moved to the app catalog.

    UPDATE: 9/25/2009, version 0.8.1, new version has been posted in the homebrew apps here. check it out! this version includes 2 scoring bug fixes and now has high scores.

    UPDATE: 8/20/2009, version 0.7.1, full webOS version has been posted in the homebrew apps here.

    This is my first attempt at an app for webOS. I figured I'd start with a straight java script port, nothing fancy. The original code for this application was taken from Thomas Blum's implementation on with his permission.

    I have adapted the layout to fit the Palm Pre and plan to enhance it to be a full webOS-based app in the next version.

    Until someone can post this in the homebrew forum, you can download the app, here.
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    I can post it for you if need be.
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    Installed this on the SDK and it works well Just need a high score table, and perhaps a welcome type screen

    Good job.
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    Screencaps anyone?
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    Here are a couple of screen captures for those who wanna see what the app looks like.

    The dice roll quite nicely, though a bit tough to select/deselect IMHO.

    The game works pretty well.

    yatz_2009-15-07_150148.jpg yatz_2009-15-07_150309.jpg
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    Couple of things for next version and or WebOS port:

    Need to enable vertical scrolling when you push the scene. With any notifications, the bottom is lost.

    Have the select/deselect by clicking on the dice. This would also be more WebOS compatible with larger touch targets.
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    Looking awesome! I'd just recommend working on a neater and more classic GUI.

    Great work so far!
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    You have to keep notifications in mind when designing the layout. But just because you have the ability to include a scrolling function doesn't mean you should. sacherjj's other piece of advice, clicking on the dice and removing the check-box selectors, should give you most of the room you need.
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    thanks, just read on the brickbreaker thread that you were going to post this once you got to 10 comments, I quoted you then saw your post. Keep up the good work!

    Ok after playing many games i thought i give my two cents

    -Purple is quite ugly IMHO red would be nice since thats what new yatzee boxes are
    -The new button is in the wrong spot.. .I keep hitting it on accident and my fingers arnt that large. I just had 2 yatzees in one game but before i was done with the game i hit new on accident.... lameness

    Besides that its a very fun game and i look foward to future versions of this app!
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    Is there any way to make this multiplayer?
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    thanks everyone for the comments.

    i have plans for pretty much everything that everyone has said:
    - i am going to make it a webos app, ie. scrolling and resizing and menus, right now everything is in the index.html
    - it should eventually look neater, but i am graphically challenged, keep your fingers crossed
    - it will have a high score table off the menu
    - you already can tap the dice to select them! in version 0.1.0!! woot!
    - multi-player... after trying connect4, i would love to get it going on this game too...

    but baby steps first...
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    Looks good. One note: on the Rules/Scoring page, you can't scroll and see the rest of the information. The last line is describing the twos: "2. Twos: Sum of the twos displayed at time score is entered." Past that we cannot see. Just fyi.

    Great app, functions well, and is a great yatzee-esque game. Thanks!
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    Ack!!! Purple==UGLY!!!
    Can you make it a nice blue or hunter green?

    Direct ports are fine and a great way to learn. I am going to get into this myself if I can make time.
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    funny 1paladin!! it didn't even bother me at first, but now, you're right, ick!

    johnlburger: that is what happens with a direct port. i have not figured out how to make a static html file scroll without webos-ness. as i get closer to 1.0 it will do it.
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    Take a look in the Services API on Palms developer site. They have support for various shaking actions. This would be a good bind for rolling dice, eliminating a button.
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    Can you relocate the New Game button away from the other buttons? Right after getting Yahtzee with 5s I hit the button and ... D'oh!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Kernel View Post
    Can you relocate the New Game button away from the other buttons? Right after getting Yahtzee with 5s I hit the button and ... D'oh!
    it will be in the menu, tucked away...
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    Works nice! Colors a little fugly but...nice job.
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