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    REALLY looking forward to the update of this. This is one of my favorite games for my Pre.
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    great job thank you for all your hard work.
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    Fun game. A "bug" or nice "feature" I've found. You can get the dice to roll continually and stop each die where you want. If its not the number you want tap the die again and it starts rolling again. Was able to max out the score (385 is the most points possible).

    Start new game, double tap the roll button.
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    If 385 is the most points possible then that is bug. I have the handheld branded version and have gotten in the 600's by getting like 4 yatzhee's. I look forward to this app though!
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    Love it. Fun and easy. Thanks alot!
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    tublecane - I wonder if that version lets you get 50 points for "extra" yahtzee's that you get. I know the last time I looked at the paper score sheets they have a spot for up to 3 "extra" yahtzees.

    Its still a fun game to kill some time while riding the bus home.
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    Thanks. This is working very well. Now I need something to get me to go back to work:-)

    Sticky, you do good work.
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    love the game.
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    Thanks for a cool game!
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    thank you all, i'm working on another app right now, this weekend or next week i will get back to yatz! i promise and i will fix that nasty bug!!
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    and btw, hit the question mark and read that about. Thomas Blum did all of the work. i only put it into a scene for the pre to operate and formatted it to fit the screen exactly. i touched none of the javascript. very cool that it was ported so easily.

    i currently have the dice rolling in the "real" pre rewrite of the app and the background color is normal. hope to have something new out soon.
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    Overall, a very good app! Some suggestions (some of which you've already noted):
    -Move the New, ?, and Rules buttons to the menu. This clears up some space on the main screen.
    -Make the Roll/Score/Next buttons into a single dynamic button. (Truthfully, I'm not sure the Score/Next button[s] couldn't be a single action.) Again, this clears up some space.
    -Move this single button opposite of the Chance item. This would remove the whole row of buttons and give you some more vertical space.
    -Put a roll # counter next to the dice. Nothing fancy, just a number of 1, 2, or 3 should suffice.
    -Have an option in the menu to change the background color.

    Just some UI suggestions that I think would help with the small space given on the screen.
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    Cool app!

    I'm not affiliated with them at all, but I really wanna see the homebrew community grow, so....

    PLEASE post your app on the new homebrew app store. It'is called PreLoad, and is run by the folks at Pimp My Pre and is also available in this forum (search PreLoad).

    I think it's a great (and easy) way to install homebrew stuff

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    Yes - the version I have gives a 'joker bonus' for extra yahtzee's plus you can use that roll to get one of the straights or full house. If we can add that scoring option it would be great.
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    This was my most favorite time waster on my Treo 650, hopefully this will be updated soon to reflect some nice changes....someone still working on development correct?


    Awesome game just needs a better background and some of the above mentioned features.
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    yes, yes, working on it. this week should show a new version with all webos controls and better ui. fingers=crossed
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    I look forward to it when ever it comes.
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    I enjoy playing this game


    When you hit roll multiple times (2 or 3) quickly, instead of just once, it will roll continuously, never stopping, until you restart the app.
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    Thanks, this is a fun game. My wife and I play a lot of Yahtzee the old fashioned way with dice and paper, it's nice to have a port of the game I can play on the bus.

    It is definitely missing a scoring option. The paper game allows you to get a Yahztee bonus if you get more than one, worth 100 points. For instance, if you've already scored your 50 points for a Yahtzee, and then roll five 6s, you can score 30 in 6, and then get another 100 point Yahtzee bonus. With a few Yahtzee bonuses you can rack up some pretty insane scores.

    Also, having played this game a lot with regular dice, whatever the Pre is using to generate random numbers doesn't feel very realistic. Some numbers seem to pop up more often than they ought to, and other not frequently enough.

    A fun game though, thanks for your work. Look forward to the next version.
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    Fabulous game! I am a yahtzee at least 3 times a week with my friends. I used to play on my IPOD, but this is much better. I can wait for the small bugs to be fixed. Thank you Thank you!!!
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