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    AKA "Traffic Jam" It's basically a puzzle game, with a board filled with blocks, that you must move out of the way to free the way for the highlighted block to be able to leave the board.

    A big thanks again to everyone who submitted puzzles! Keep them coming!
    Check out the help or about page to see everyone who has submitted puzzles.

    Some of you have requested a way to donate. And who am I to object?
    You can donate through PayPal by clicking this link: Donate.

    To Download:
    The full version (for the small price of $1.99) is available in palms app catalog.
    The homebrew version is available in Precentral's homebrew catalog, you can get it through Preware or webOS Quick Install. If you get the homebrew version and you like it, I ask that you consider getting the full version from palms catalog.

    Puzzle Designer Usage: [Exclusive to the homebrew version for the time being]
    The main designer screen has 4 buttons at the top, here is their name and function, from left to right:
    • Add Block - Adds the normal blue blocks to the designer. You can add as many of these as you like (or, as many as fit, you won't be able to test your design if any blocks overlap as noted by an X on the block.)
    • Add Winning Block - Much like the normal blocks, but it will only let you add one. You have to have one to be able to test your design.
    • Design Test - Opens your design in a playable form to allow you to test it out. Testing your design is a requirement for submission. The submit option won't be active until you manage to beat your own creation.
    • Save Puzzle - Saves your puzzle to the designer puzzle list. You can continue to replay it as many times as you would like.

    The submit puzzle option has been moved to the app menu of the designer. Note: You can only submit a design once.

    When playing a puzzle by tapping on it from the designer puzzle list, everything works the same as the normal puzzle play area, except the app menu gains the extra puzzle edit and delete options.

    Other then that, designing puzzles should be pretty self-explanatory. You add a block, and drag it to where you want it to be. Removing blocks is done just like removing apps from the launcher, with holding the orange button and tapping the block you want removed.

    Previous Updates:

    Blocked v0.5.0: [7/13/09] [Initial Release]
    In this beta release there is no puzzle selection list or anything like that. Only a next button to move through the puzzles. There is also only 15 puzzles (this is by far the most time consuming part of creating this app.) This release is more just to test functionality and design, and in no way is the art in its final form.

    Blocked v0.6.0: [7/15/09]
    No major updates to the main puzzle portion of the game, except for the addition of a reset button, and a better launcher icon.

    The real meat and potatoes of this update is the inclusion of the wysiwyg puzzle designer. You can access it from the app menu on the top left (Click "Puzzle Designer...")

    Blocked v0.7.0: [7/20/09]
    This update has 58 puzzles! Just shy of 4 times the number 0.5.0 had. They're now in categories: 28 Novice, 25 Intermediate, and 5 Expert puzzles. It also includes a list for easily seeing which puzzles you've completed, and jumping right in to the ones you haven't.

    It still doesn't have the ability to store puzzles locally yet. That will be the next release. I figured it was a better idea to get out a release with all the new puzzles, then sit on them while finishing that up.

    Blocked v0.8.0: [7/24/09]
    This update has 80 puzzles! Some have been re-arranged and moved in categories, so I suggest resetting your stats once you've updated.
    • Fixed a webOS 1.1 bug that stopped you from being able to drag blocks vertically, while both playing or designing.
    • Fixed a bug where simply tapping on a block would add to your moves.
    • Updated some styles to make things more sexy.
    • Added more stat reset options. Along with All, you can reset each difficulty individually.
    • Added a way to save your puzzle designs locally.
    • Be sure to check the "Puzzle Designer Usage" section below, there have been some minor changes.

    Blocked v0.8.5: [8/2/09]
    This update has 116 puzzles! Some have been re-arranged and moved in categories, so I strongly suggest resetting all your stats for the new version.
    • Added a confirmation dialog on all destructive options in the menu. So you won't accidentally remove a puzzle, or clear your stats.
    • Fixed bug where you couldn't beat puzzle #1 unless it was the first one you beat.
    • Added a preferences page which allows you to switch the block theme. Currently there is 4 themes: Default (What you're used to,) Cars (Thanks Rich!) A wood style, and a metal style.

    Blocked v0.9.0: [8/9/09]
    This update has 155 puzzles! It also includes the ability to download/upload the puzzle bests to my server. It gives gives you a reason to replay puzzles you've completed, to try and get them in the least possible number of moves. Check the new help scene in the app for more information.

    Blocked v0.9.1: [9/12/09]
    This update has 181 puzzles! I've reorganized them quite a bit based on the move counts you all uploaded from version 0.9.0.
    Novice is now < 10 moves to beat, Intermediate is 10-19, and Expert is 20+.
    There is also the addition of an "Unsorted" category. Which are the 26 new puzzles waiting to have your bests uploaded for so they can be moved into the difficulty they belong.
    I've also made some changes to how pieces are moved to try and remove some problems people were reporting with dragging the blocks.

    Blocked v0.9.2: [10/3/09]
    This update has reached a total of 200 puzzles! The unsorted puzzles from 091 have been reorganized into the other categories, and there is 19 new puzzles waiting in the unsorted group to be beaten so they can also be categorized. The 200 puzzles in this release will be in the version I release to the app catalog (Once we have figured out the minimums of these new ones that is.) Other then that, there is no other changes, besides renaming it "Blocked HB" (HB for Homebrew) and giving it a new icon to differentiate it from the one I submit to palm.

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    Thanks a lot! will test and provide feedback
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    This app is really solid so far. Though there aren't too many puzzles, I do like the implementation of move counts to inspire faster finish times. The core gameplay is pretty solid so far, with smooth block movements.

    I would like to see things you mentioned like a puzzle selection/search feature as well a stat/menu page.
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    Thanks! This game is amazing.
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    very solid just needs more levels and more settings
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    very fun thanks oil!
    SCK Manager
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    I love this game and played it all the time mon my DS thanks a ton OIL!!
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    This was one of the only games I ever played on my Touch (sold it because I never used it once I got my Pre). One of the best puzzle games IMO!

    Thanks Oil!
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    Thank you for your work on this
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    I would love more games like this, i havent stopped playing it. i had a game on my samsung WM that you had to make objects fall and or stay, i forgot the name of it, but would love to see more puzzles on the Pre
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    So nobody wants to help with creating the puzzles?
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    I would love to but have no idea where to even start
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    i dont know how to program (learning though) but i found a website full of links to games of different variations of yours. Maybe this can help you because there are alot of java based versions of the game on the website listed below.

    Rush HourŪ - Traffic Jam Puzzle - Links

    Also is there any way we can donate to you i luv your apps you should setup paypal donation.
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    That's awsome!

    My friend has this on iphone, and I was hook.
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    I gotta say this for me is the most enjoyable game on the pre yet. I only wish there were more levels, but I understand that the process of making them is time consuming. I have one suggestion, to make a bigger level area with more blocks inside, because this will allow for more complex levels. Maybe make difficulty settings to set a the size of the map area, its just a suggestion so take it or leave it, but I think it will make for an even more enjoyable game. Im looking forward to more levels. Thanks for all your work!
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    Quote Originally Posted by oil View Post
    So nobody wants to help with creating the puzzles?
    Link us to how we can help!
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    After my plea for help, I realized I hadn't really thought about what it would entail to allow others to contribute puzzle designs.

    So I did...

    As of right now, each puzzle is basically stored like this: (this is the first puzzle in the game)
    newBoard.set = 1;
    newBoard.num = 1;
    newBoard.blocks.push({direction: 'horz', width: 2, height: 1, top: 1, left: 1, winner: false});
    newBoard.blocks.push({direction: 'horz', width: 2, height: 1, top: 2, left: 1, winner: false});
    newBoard.blocks.push({direction: 'horz', width: 2, height: 1, top: 2, left: 3, winner: false});
    newBoard.blocks.push({direction: 'horz', width: 2, height: 1, top: 3, left: 3, winner: false});
    newBoard.blocks.push({direction: 'vert', width: 1, height: 3, top: 2, left: 5, winner: false});
    newBoard.blocks.push({direction: 'vert', width: 1, height: 2, top: 3, left: 1, winner: 'top'});
    newBoard.blocks.push({direction: 'horz', width: 2, height: 1, top: 5, left: 4, winner: false});
    newBoard.blocks.push({direction: 'vert', width: 1, height: 2, top: 5, left: 3, winner: false});

    Which, lets face it, isn't exactly the easiest format for someone unfamiliar to actually create puzzle designs in. Not to mention it would also require knowledge of the SDK, the source code, and information on were to put it to test to actually be useful.

    So the fact of the matter is, I'm not entirely sure on how to help someone contribute designs right now...

    Maybe I'll just add some sort of wysiwyg puzzle designing tool to the app to aide anyone wishing to contribute puzzle designs. Which now that I think about it, wouldn't be all that difficult at all. And just have it save the design in the previously mentioned format and use synergy to email it to me for inclusion in the app.
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    this game is great. In my advisory at school the kid that sits next to me has this on his iPhoney and he played ALL the time, so happy I got it on my Pre now so I can rub it in his face. haha

    Oil: right now I think you are the best dev I have seen in the homebrew section. you have the best apps! I have released two apps of my own, but they dont compare to yours.

    thanks again
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    Omg I love this game, so much fun!
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    Great work Oil, this is a fun game.
    Can't wait for more puzzles.

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