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    Here is my reformatting of the WebHangman port started by palmdoc2005.

    In short, I've made it fit the screen without too much noodling under the hood. There's a different default word list until selectable word lists are functioning.

    I'm not intending to hijack this project from palmdoc, but this app really needed to be reformatted. I gave it a new icon because the existing one was not packaged with the ZIP file.

    From here, my thinking is to add selectable word lists and start mopping up all the code. After that, adding more word lists and moving the app into a proper scene should be the next task.

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    Thanks. This one feels better, but I still wish the letters were bigger.
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    I'd like to see use of the keyboard for picking letters. I have a hard time with touching the letters on the screen. Thanks for the update though Colonel.
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    Keyboard support will come ... eventually. As rboatright said on the previous page it will not be easy. By this script alone you wouldn't even know a DOM existed.

    Hopefully, by the time I finish hard coding the folder structure, clearing out and cleaning up the Javascript and moving all the styling to the CSS file, I'll know how to do it.
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    Great app, but the category is kind of hard.
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    cool apps... hangman is a great game
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    does the job!
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    How can i get any of the homebrews it says it cant locate or fin the app after i download it or click on the link? PLEASE HELP!!
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    Keyboard support on this is a must! I didn't realize it before someone pointed it out on here, but I feel really stupid trying to hit a little bitty touch area to get a certain letter when there is a REAL keyboard with REAL buttons just begging to be slid out...
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    Can you add more categories.I like this game.
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    Updated thread title to:
    Hangman v1.2 [was v1.0] (7/29)

    Palmdoc, would you update your opening thread title so that we can see to update the thread titles?

    And, Nice job!

    - Craig
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    I absolutely love this app. It's great for those times when you just want to kill a few minutes and not get into anything too time consuming. Thank you!
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