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    Soduku Solver (puzzle game next) ...

    This is a port of the soduku solver at JavaScript Sudoku Solver

    It does not solve all puzzles. It is a logic-only solver. Puzzles which require guessing will require you to guess YOURSELF. However, by studying the steps towards solving the puzzle makes, you can assist and train yourself in your own puzzle solving.

    It generally succeeds completely with mediums, and gets some hards.

    I hope you find it useful.

    This version features MUCH IMPROVED matrix entry. :-)
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    .ipk and .zip links 404'd.

    EDIT: In the url, it's "ssolver" instead of "soduku"

    Try these:
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    Thanks for the port ! Since the original solver was released under the GPL, your port is also under GPL and you are the 3rd to release open source software for WebOS , thanks ! So, I have added your program to www . :-)
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    Everything Im porting is open source. The Othello game is under an MIT style license, the calculator is also MIT.
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    An app to aide cheaters.... tsk tsk.
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    Why would you ever want a solver? That defeats the entire reason to play the game in the first place, to solve it!
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    because this solver shows the logic that it uses step=by=step so if you are hoplessly stumped you can use this to see how to proceed. It's a teaching tool

    It is _not_ a brute force solver. Additionally, even brute force solvers are useful to PROVE that there is a solution.
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    New version 2. Prettier, better matrix entry, better buttons, better reset.

    Look above.
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    that's awesome!
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    And with the multitasking of the Pre you can use this to solve a game you're already playing on your phone, awesome.
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    trying it now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
    Why would you ever want a solver? That defeats the entire reason to play the game in the first place, to solve it!
    hmm I think thats the same one being used at sudoku solver its under the GNU license too.

    And Yes I agree why use a solver when the fun is in solving the puzzle, I can only assume people are lazy, I know the brain is old fashioned but lest get back some sanity!

    Don't use a solve go to sudoku tips instead and learn, it much better
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    Hi rboatright, the app won't start on my pre plus. Also some users tell it won't work. Will there be an update? THX, Killercat

    Ah, and I like it: sometimes I have to solve Sudokus, but I hate them! So a solver is a fine thing. When you like to solve Sudokus - do it, I won't care, but let me use a solver.
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