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    hmm.. alright I'll keep trying it. It seems weird thou cuz i have an upload and download on my computer, and its registering an uploading affect occasionally... but no download.
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    Any one have any idea why my tether would do that? I'm watching my EVDO on my pre, and it doesnt activate to downloading something when i'm connected via my tether like if would normally when using its internet.
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    Allllllrighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just looked into freetether to check if the ip forwarding was on. It wasn't, so I turned it on and reactivated mytether. ITS WORKS NOW!!! finally ha. Its actually pretty odd, because I had it on before and it still didnt work. I've restarted the phone numerous times. But I'm thinking that the reboot had shut off freetether ip forwarding feature. Thus eliminating mytether to allow internet through.

    We're all good now! I can not tell you guys how amazingly happy I am!!!! WOOHOO!
    I've always had my phones internet hooked up to my laptops and desktop via my phones internet. Recently since sprint re-networking had eliminated that tiny loop-hole.

    But now I'm back on it! all hands down, shear AWESOMENESS!!!

    BTW, I'm sending this via my palm pre's new feature!!

    Once again to everyone who helped me out, I totally and fully appreciate all that you've all done for me.

    Thank you!
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    Has anyone had an issue with their evdo not working? I've restarted my pre several times, and turned off mytether. It seems that when I turn on wifi to download an update alil quicker it tanks the evdo. not sure why that it.

    Anyway I can run a dianostics of the phones program?
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    Your phone only uses one data source at a time, so when you turn on WiFi - and are connected - the EVDO goes away. It should come back as soon as you turn off - or disconnect from - WiFi.
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    Thats correct, yet wifi isn't on. It's off. it's like any time I restart the phone, all is well till I turn on wifi. And the off again, but later turn on mytether and thats it no longer evdo.

    I'm stuck
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    i know this is off topic but how much data exactly can you use if you have and unlimited data plan??? is it really a limit at 5GB??
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    good question, I have no idea thou. I've been up that high yet. I've only been able to use mine for a short period. and now nothing works. so back to square one.... sigh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chad0723 View Post
    i know this is off topic but how much data exactly can you use if you have and unlimited data plan??? is it really a limit at 5GB??
    the answer is No there is no limit. I called and talked to a sprint rep about this (without saying why i wanted to know) . The aircards have a 5GB limit but phones do not. that is what was told to me.
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    seriously!!!... I just put my phone on airplane mode, as a random thing to try. then turned that off and the evdo internet came back to working status. this is all very odd.

    I'd love to find out why this is happening. has any one had this or a similar problem with their mytether?
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    well thats good to know. but isn't everyone on an unlimited data plan anyways. So it shouldn't even matter.
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    The official Sprint tethering data limit is... 0kb.

    Sprint does not officially allow tethering, so when you do it you are at risk of incurring charges above your plan. However, no one has yet reported this actually happening.

    The 5GB limit that always gets tossed around is for Sprint Mobile Broadband service, not phone service of any kind.
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    How long do you think it will last.
    Have fun when the next OS update breaks it.

    you're all rude. donate and support devs.
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    <<deleted posts>>
    please don't link to unauthorized content.
    It's a forum violation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcerC View Post
    How long do you think it will last.
    Have fun when the next OS update breaks it.

    you're all rude. donate and support devs.
    hummm well lets take a look at what Mytether's the exact same thing as Mobile Hot Spot App for verizon ... only difference is Mytether can do USB tethering. Yes before MHS App. Anoic came out with a Mytether that worked on WebOS 2.1 , but once the 1.3.5 updated Mytether broke you had to install patch that broke the camera and a couple other things. Then 1.4 came out and MHS broke for Sprint Users did Mytether. Well Mytether got up and running before MHS but if you look at it , it's pretty much the same as MHS. So once again I ask why pay for something that's a copy of a Official App. for verizon? Why pay for something that has crappy customer service for technical related problems? I mean Hell i haven't seen Anoic on this forum to answer peoples questions before they try and donate. Yes the next OS update will most likely break Mytether and Mobile Hot Spot App. but thats whats going to happen with every update for Sprint users because Sprint doesn't want anyone to tether. When this does happen the tech savvi users will figure out a way to make it work again. It'll be a on going process till Sprint brings in a tethering plan. A few people HAVE got MHS running correctly for 1.4 but it's way to technical for me to do............ sorry about my little rant I hate when people say Donate to Mytether.... it should be Pay for Mytether. Donate to the Forum.
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    Your answer might be here:
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    honda your history is all wrong. hopefully i won't be giving away any sensitive info with all this, but ohh well.

    when webos 1.3.5(.1 and .2) came out, mytether broke each time. aonic fixed it, but it required patching and restarting to work. this was not satisfactory, and was only a fix, because aonic was already working on the next full release. after that, aonic did BETA testing for a new version (this was WAY before 1.4 was released) that Beta or it's service was patched twice (i think) and then he released it as the NEW version with a NEW installer (which required proper SDK as well as novacom and dev mode). the final BETA and the NEW version were the same. all the betas and the new version have the graph and the total section as well as the connected devices list. furthermore, the beta version was released after significant rework by aonic and the homebrew group's assessment and recommendations. those recommendations helped bring myTether inline with the rest of the homebrew "standards." remember that when aonic started this project there were no "standards" for homebrew, filecoaster was months away and there was NO app store. the beta/new version worked perfectly with games, camera, and video, all BEFORE 1.4 was released.

    then 1.4 comes out. so mytether "works" but doesn't forward ip's correctly. so some other users/devs figured out that if you used freetether to forward ip, then mytether would work. then aonic release a newer version of tetherservice, which mimicked the patch that freetether did (may not be fact. this is guess work on my part).

    so now (like before) he had an install app that would instruct your pre to go to some website and download two ipk's. he didn't have issues with users updating, because if you ran the install app, it would uninstall and tell the phone to download the same files again (same file name), but the files are not the same, but updated files renamed to match the request from the installer. furthermore, there was a command app you could feed your pre that would do the same, but eliminate the need for a computer. all of these apps/links/ipk's were released onto the internet by someone(s) from the donor forums.

    all of you that have mytether, but aren't members, have some form of the beta/new myTether app and phase 1/phase2/phase3/phase4 tetherservice (though a few of you have the OLD version that required patching). taking one from either group, all combinations work together, but only the latest work for the latest webOS. that's why you cheats are having some luck with freetether, but no luck with keeping your 3G signal active, or your connection active, or etc. all the issues you are having, have been discussed in depth and solved on the donor forums.

    that is what you pay for. this large body of experience and knowledge, plus the donation supports the servers, forums, and keeps aonic motivated to release a new version (fix after update and/or add new features). the reason this isn't payment for a good delivered (because buying something IS a contract), is so you (and all other users, including donors) can have NO expectation of it continuing to work with new webos updates. furthermore, donating does not allow you to expect tethering to be allowed by your telecom or that this application will continue to work the way it does now. donating comes with no guarantees of service, you are simply contributing to the project, not paying for a service/good. the benefit of contributing is the support of that community and the fruits of the project.

    Spader, i patiently wait for your critique.
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    sorry guys didn't mean to break the rules.

    I will not post anything like that again.

    however pm me !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmcloud_utk View Post

    Spader, i patiently wait for your critique.
    Well... the "i" should be capitalized.

    Other than that I basically agree.

    People get caught up on the word "Donation". While I personally believe that the app should be marketed as a paid app, I understand why it is not. There is no way Sprint/Palm would be able to allow him to "sell" the app. So in order for him to make money, he has to call it something else. This releases some of the legal issues he might have otherwise, however it also means that if people figure out how to get it for free he doesn't have the legal backing to cry "piracy".

    I don't however agree with posting those method for others to use. My thought is, if you're clever enough to find the app and are savvy enough to figure out how to make it work without Donor Forum support, then more power to you. If not, if you need help with any of these things, then you should have bought the app in the first place.

    As I have said before, the bottom line is: if you want the app - and the support to use the app properly - you need to take $15 out of your pocket and put it into Aonic's pocket. Call it whatever you want, the result is the same.
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    bottom line, does the free one work or not ? I found the free version of this and it doesnt do any thing but run pretty on my pre. No network AoNet is available to anyone looking for a wireless network near my pre. Please dont make me read all 205 pages. (no one ever really does that, right !?) Anyway, I could use a fresh link, beings dont seem to have a link to a free version. I am wondering if I should buy, ie donate for the advanced version or not.
    As for the Sprnt debocal, , this thing seems to be a pocket sized computer, run all the apps you want, they'll make more.
    I believe these carriers all have a "learn as you go" policy.
    All I know is my computer makes phone calls too.
    BTW, the only reason I am revisiting this app is the ads for 4G routers. ***? lol.
    (seriously I dont know what 4G is to 3G, am I supposed to upgrade my phones 3G to 4G now ?)

    yet another interesting thread I will subscribe too

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