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    3000 and counting!! I think the new FileCoaster app spurred another increase in homebrew downloading! I love it...
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    now if i just could get all 3000 people to donate $0.50...I would be able to afford that engagement ring...I ll keep working on the next version so people will hopefully be able to justify the 50Cents..dont worry just kidding not trying to be a jerk if its not worth it its not worth it thanks everyone btw 3000 downloads mean that it is most downloaded app on precentral I think...checked all the ones with the most posts...I find that amazing
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    Oh, I'm going to donate - do buy that ring! :-)
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    I was addicted to Acid Solitaire on my Treo. $2 is a great price (psst, wanna hear about a real bargain???), and I'd buy a copy for my wifes Pre when she gets it. Thanks for the great work!

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    You have been selected by the PreCentral's members as one of the top Homebrew Applications. Congratulations!

    Here is the list:

    1. My Notifications - set sounds for Pre alerts - Kaerey
    2. BlockDrop (was Pretris) - elchileno
    3. DevMode Launcher - no more codes to type! - cstucker
    4. Solitaire Card Game -t.tokarczyk01
    5. PrePackage: Package Tracking
    6. My Tether-Tether over WiFi, USB, and BT - aonic
    7. Translator - 20+ Languages - roar
    8. Dot Game - oil
    9. Stopwatch/Timer - sambao21
    10. Tip Calculator *Redux* -PreGame
    11. WxRad Animated Weather Radar -adsllc
    12. Dilbert/Garfield Daily Comics - roar
    13. Brickbreaker - kmax12
    14. Snake - roar
    15. Checkers -kesne
    16. Farts - CTL Advance
    17. PREtracker - GPS - kmax12
    18. Chess - rboatright
    19. Soundboard - sound effects machine - lrdavis4
    20. Scientific Calculator - rboatright

    Thank you for everything you have done so far!

    - Craig
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    uuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I just can't win this game!! haha

    Installed.. this was great
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    Would LOVE to see an update for this.
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    Hey, I'm new to this, but I just got my first few downloads. I like this app and keep up the good work.
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    Just donated, buy the ring

    Love the game, I finally won but no fireworks, just a light gray screen and had to close the app. Not sure that is what it is suppossed to do but thought I'd mention it.

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    Heres a crazy idea, I don't know how well it would work though...

    Was thinking different card back options would be fun, but how about resizing a picture you choose from your photo library and making that the card back. I haven't looked at the image handling on the pre to know if thats even possible. Or maybe I am crazy. hah
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    there is alot of pages to read but one of the posts i made says that im currently working on this i guess im finding this mojo stuff harder than other people are but im vacation this week! soo
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    thanks for the ole stand by game
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    Hey everyone!

    just updated to Solitaire 0.9.9

    everyone please update ASAP!

    read more on OP...

    if you guys like the program make sure you read the bottom Hint hint...

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    thanks t.

    why 0.9.9? you still want to do some clean up?
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    yeah the splash creen says 1.0 cause i stole it from my other i said this build "just works" 1.0 will be completely Palm App Catalog compliant (also will have other Mojo items like landscape rotate and such
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    If you use Aptana, it links up the pages for you. Loading them is still your job, but hey.
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    I don't know if anyone's suggested... but make it able to flip sideways? I think it would make the game a hell of a lot easier for us sloopy touchers lol
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    I love the double-tap capability. Great app and nice to have the old school feel. I remember the first pc I got that had Windows 3.1. I was totally enthralled with the gui solitaire. Good memories.
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    It seems the "win" screen doesn't come up if you drag the King to the destination, but works if you double-tap the last King.
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    Great app... Love having Solitaire on the phone.

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