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    Whoa - that was quick - between last night and my comment this morning, you did an update that now incorporates 1-card draw! YAY!
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    #82 this is funny...

    The bug is fixed...I WON...I actually won (using Draw 3).

    However, when I won, the whole screen went white. No menu, no "Congratulations!"...nothing. Couldn't even start a new game; just had to toss the card away.


    EDIT: Something else I noticed - minor but annoying. It doesn't remember your selection of the Draw-3 mode...the program always starts with Draw-1. If you prefer (like I do) to play Draw-3, you have to change it every time you launch the app.
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    I won the first time I played 1-card draw, hooray! But I got the same white-screen when I won, too. Also, it seemed as if it got harder and harder to bring cards to the 2nd-from-right pile of aces -- as if the game didn't want me to win. Hmf!
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshMend View Post
    Also, it seemed as if it got harder and harder to bring cards to the 2nd-from-right pile of aces -- as if the game didn't want me to win. Hmf!
    Just double-tap a card to send it up to the piles of aces; if a card CAN go up there, it WILL.
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    Great App, and love the fixes, however I've also gotten the White Screen once I win too..
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    ...the white screen is supposed to display(and does when I use safari to test)

    "Congratulations You Won! then have a new game button"

    I'll keep chugging away at the code...I didn't notice the 3-card pref getting erased...
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    great work, thank you!
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    Just won for the first time on the 2card draw of a previous version. Nothing happened but didn't get the white screen. Will be updating soon. Thanks again for this app. I LOVE solitaire.
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    I haven't installed the update yet, but what if the white screen was partially transparent?

    Also, white? WebOS has, I think its called, a scrim you can use.
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    Haven't had a chance until now to try the new version. Well improved. Very playable now.

    I would love an option to auto flip exposed cards, because it is currently just an extra wasted motion right now.
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    hey everyone I messed up the extra credit it should read the user: Arognlie: was the one who fixed the script making the game winnable. He debugged the script and we all owe him a thanks.
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    Great app. I would make it work in landscape or somehow work in a shake motion.
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    Thats the way to stand your ground and WE, Pre folk, are definately behind you 100%. Keep working and it WILL be the best yet.
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    I got the white screen, too, but no message. I also tapped every where and found no button.

    The stacked cards are much easier to move around. It's not perfect, but what ever you did made a huge difference.

    After the last card is flipped, what's with the "bubble wrap" image? I agree, you have to put something there, but that looks weird.

    After the three cards are flipped, the top row (deck, three cards and four aces) feels crowded. Altering the spacing of the aces, perhaps aligning with the stacks below, might help.

    I'm really enjoyong playing this. Thanx for making it.
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    This is a blast. Great work!
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    Great job on the update. I'm enjoying this one!
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    beautiful dude, beautiful.

    i got the white screen too after i won.

    double tapping the flipped card, may place the card in a row, but only the 1st 3 rows.

    the last card cant be placed on the "decks" by double tapping you have to drag it to the decks.

    it would be great, it tapping a card or a "run" would select it, and tapping where you want it will place it.

    if you close the game, does it remember, or do you have to start a new game?

    new game should ask if you are sure.
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    You continue to do just amazing work. I cannot wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

    Here is my update on the punchlist...
    Nice work,

    Here is the latest (07/09/09) punch list the the new work noted.
    Higher Priority
    * Automatically flip the next card in a pile when the top card is moved
    * Enlarge target areas to select and drop (Don't make the cards bigger, just the touch response areas.)
    * Single tap to get next 1 or 3 cards.
    * Menu Option - Allow 1 or 3 card draw. (We want a better chance to win!)
    * Menu Option - Allow a new game option.
    * Undo move - Sometimes I miss and hit the wrong cards and it won't let me undo/redo

    To Make It A Salable App
    * Double tap card to make an obvious move, ie double tap an ace to move to a top pile
    * Menu Option - Hint
    * Menu Option - How to play
    * Landscape mode
    * Don't turn cards yellow.
    * Basic stats for fun: won-lost, minutes played, etc.
    * Change card faces and backs, game background.
    * Save a game that is in progress even thought it was "exited"
    One new one but I hope easy. The menu options at the bottom of hte screen are white on light gray which is hard for me to read when outside or n bright lights. Maybe make the font a darker gray?

    Wow, so much fun to watch your progress.

    Thank you.

    - Craig
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    i love this game
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    light grey....dang i forgot to take out mojo line of script its supposed to be same green background as always
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