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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    Easy = 1 card draw. Hard = 3 card draw.

    really? ha ha. if it is, it should just say 1 card draw and 2 card draw.

    the buttons on the bottom will be cone in the new version? if not, maybe they can be on the top? the plus sign doesnt signify to me, new game. if the buttons stay, it should be a button labeled new.

    finally, not a fan of the separate win card, should be one card. and it seems its a card that goes out to the web, it shouldnt do that either. i say this because i played in the subway, and the card never showed any text.
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    in the final final webos version some buttons will be in the AppMenu...Yeah i guess the plus was a bad choice to me it made sense..Ill change it to like +N or just N or something i guess...will see im still working but this was just an update that i worked on a while ago and felt it was an looks just like the final version but the backend will work alittle different some things will be changed now that i have some feedback
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    Cool app!

    I'm not affiliated with them at all, but I really wanna see the homebrew community grow, so....

    PLEASE post your app on the new homebrew app store. It'is called PreLoad, and is run by the folks at Pimp My Pre and is also available in this forum (search PreLoad).

    I think it's a great (and easy) way to install homebrew stuff

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    very glitchy on my pre...
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    Hey just a heads up. New update still has the drag bug. I can drag cards up to the finish pile with attached cards. This picture shows it. Love the update though. GREAT WORK!!! I get paid tomorrow and plan on donating ASAP!!!! Keep it up.
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    What is the SDK palm install method?

    I've downloaded the program file and the images. How do I go from there? I need to play solitaire

    I seem to be living in a mental state of confusion since I got my Pre but I will figure it all out and love it. You CAN teach old dogs new tricks.

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    [QUOTE=t.tokarczyk01;1734453]Solitaire HAS BEEN UPDATED

    Solitaire v0.9.9


    Use the SDK palm-install method instead.
    Use version
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    thank you...i understand its a glitch, and you should be putting the cards in order and should not be trying to move that card with cards on top of it...ill look into try and block the move. But i don't think its a huge deal if they were real cards you could make that move (and cheat) but you are playing yourself so its not like your gaining anything by making that move in real life or in game
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    there is a sticky of the first page of the homebrew forums on how to install programs. Read up if you still have questions come back and ask
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    Another minor thing is that the last card in the pile is still faded red when playing 3-card draw.

    I agree that the new game button should be moved from the playing field to the App Menu.

    In fact, I sort of think all the buttons from the bottom of the screen should be moved there.

    And yeah, I don't think the win scene or the help scene should open as a new card but instead be pushed on top of the current scene, but that's just me.
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    Does anyone else have issues of the detection being off by a bit? It seems like I have to tap slightly to the right of the cards.
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    Would like to see it remember your options for draw 3. Defaults to draw one always. But do enjoy it and a great app. last update fixed the problems I saw. Good job and great app.
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    is there work to have it landscape?
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    Quote Originally Posted by acculver View Post
    is there work to have it landscape?
    I second that. Great app btw!
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    You continue to make great progress! This is so much more smooth. Summarizing the remaining requests...

    Higher Priority
    * Automatically flip the next card in a pile when the top card is moved
    * Undo move - Sometimes I miss and hit the wrong cards and it won't let me undo/redo
    * When you click optins, one option should be No Change so that you don't lose current game
    * Reduce blank space around top row to spread out cards more so more card face shows. It is hard to move from the center of a stack. Target area is so small.

    To Make It A Salable App
    * Save game on exit - ask Resume or New when you come back
    * Menu Option - Hint
    * Landscape mode
    * Basic stats for fun: won-lost, minutes played, etc.
    * Change card faces and backs, game background.

    Again, thanks for all of your work!

    - Craig
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    Love your app, thanks...what about a vegas mode with a record of money spent and lost?
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    One other tiny thing that bothers me. The icon is kind of blurry, you might want to find something that's more clear.
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    I'd hate to reiterate this after so many other have before. But landscape with scrolling to see stacks would be perfect for this game. Otherwise it's giving me my Solitaire fix.
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    This definitely works as a splid solitaire game, but for cleanliness and sellability, I'm with the others on:

    -buttons at the bottom shouls be in the menu rather than the game board.
    -preferences of "difficulty" should stick.
    -instead of "difficulty", call it 1 & 3 card draw.
    -win notification should be in the same card (like dot game or sudoku).
    -score with high score tracking
    -save game option

    The game is fine as is, but with the above done, I'd purchase this from the app store...even without lanscape. I feel landscape would be an added bonus but not a necessity.
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    Found a bit of a glitch...don't think it's been reported previously.

    Play the game, putting all but the last card up by double-tapping the cards to get them stacked on top of the various Aces.

    But take the last King (doesn't seem to matter which one) and, instead of double-tapping to send it up to the discard pile, drag it on top of the appropriate Queen.

    It will sit on top of the pile, but the game doesn't recognize that you've won (see attached screen cap).

    You can then take any King off the pile and put it back down in a space in the play area. Double-tap it to send it to the pile, and you "win" the game.

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    Hey Man,

    LOVE the Pre Solitaire, it's the only game I play on it (and I play it a lot), a few things you might want to add though are:

    - An UNDO button

    - Let us choose the background color (or just change it to a more neutral green, this green really hurts my eyes)

    - Support for "Swipe Back". Right now swiping back just takes you back to app selection, it would be nice if swiping (or maybe even shaking) the device was the UNDO, and you also when I push on OPTIONS, there's no way to go back without starting a new game.

    - There's a very cool "Cheat" I found, using the multi touch, if there is a card BEHIND a card I want in the draw, I just use one finger to pick the first card up, then use the other to drag the other card away! Works every time I don't know if you should fix this though cause it's a wicked cool hidden "feature"

    - You said you added difficulty levels ? I don't really see where that is

    - And obviously - once your basic engine is ready -> MORE TYPES OF SOLITAIRE! my favorites -> Golf, Pyramid, Spider.

    I have a few more ideas and I'd be happy to help you out with developing this app, I'm not much of a programmer but I can do some graphic design for it or come up with new features and test them. Send me a message.

    Thanks again!
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