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    Hey everyone thanks for the response...can I please get an admin to change the name of this thread to reflect the changes to 0.9.9 thanks
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    Yay! first to comment on 0.9.9!

    No more white screen of death when you win! Woo Hoo!!

    The only comment I can make that's even slightly critical is I don't really like the "faded card" when you get to the bottom of the deck. It looks like there's a card there that I can't turn over. I liked it better when you showed a pattern on the "felt" after the last card in the pile was turned over.

    Other than that, I think you've got it!

    Of course, I still wouldn't mind landscape too.

    EDIT: One other thing to still get that yellow "highlight" issue if you don't grab a card properly. I'm not sure if that is in the app or something in WebOS that can't be disabled.
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    I haven't updated yet to the new version.... but I was just playing when I click options looking for an undo button and it ended my game

    just saying ;P

    thanks for the work
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    No complaints yet! An excellent version of the original time-waster!
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    Nice graphics etc, good game.


    I think the new game button is a bit confusing...+...wasnt sure exactly what it was at first. Probably would be better to have New Game, Options, Rules etc all in the top drop-down menu.

    Other-than-that its awesome!
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    I ran into a little mix up too haha, uhm... when I was moving the stack with king to the far left column, a few cards decided not to comply... showing the mix up of where then ended up deciding to fall... I can't explain it too much better besides that when I tried to fix it, it just messed it up a even more with the order and what not... kinda odd I thought
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    this app is amazing. The only thing its missing IMO is landscape mode. Also (this may be because i'm an *****) I find myself accidentally starting a new game by hitting that icon. Perhaps an 'are you sure'? message should come up or just put the option in the menu...
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    Thanks for the app

    A nice to have:
    I like to put my aces in suit order (spade, heart, club diamond)
    Can we have the ability to put aces in any placeholder?

    Edit: I now see its there but you need to drop it to the right of each box
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    The new update will not install on my Pre. 0.9.6 installs fine, but I can not update it or do a fresh install of the update. I have tried the SDK method, the PreBrew method, and the Quick Install method and nothing has worked so far. I had a similar issue with a beta build of Twee and it took until he made another update to work...
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    Updated thread title to:
    Solitaire v0.9.9[was 0.9.6](7/30)

    Like all of the upgrades, especially the buttons!

    - Craig
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    Great job adding more of a WebOS feel. But as others said, the yellow highlighting is still an issue when pushing any of the option buttons. The major thing left that would be icing on the cake is implementing a landscape mode that you could either select in options or just change on the fly.
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    Great job, it looks a lot smoother, and the Web OS feel is nice.. Like the buttons..
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    Looking better and better.
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    The best has gotten better. Looks really good now. Thank you!
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    made my donation get that ring
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    Update works great. Thank you.
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    In the update the drag and drop isnt quite as fluid. Other then that its amazing. Keep at it
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    I wish it would save your game when you closed the card. What if you have to reboot the phone or something?

    Cards are looking good, and the buttons look nicer but you don't use the app menu for anything. Could clean it up even more by moving the 3 option button to menu items and then a button for new game and maybe one for undo if you add that feature. Oh and clicking new game button should at pop up a dialog so you don't accidentally hit it and have to start all over.

    Just my 2
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    Love the app -- nothing better than Solitaire or Sudoku to pass the time.

    Two quickies that I think others have brought up but that I would second...

    1. I'd like to see an undo function -- doesn't have to go back more than one move, just enough to make up for an unfortunate mistake; and

    2. When trying to pick up an entire stack, it is sometimes difficult to get hold of the top card. Perhaps increasing the height of the target for the top card of a stack would help.


    (Sorry - two more things... I still get the white screen of death sometimes upon winning a game. Also, not sure why there are different levels of difficulty -- if the deal is completely random the difficulty level should be completely random as well. Are you not allowing such randomness?)
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingle1 View Post
    Also, not sure why there are different levels of difficulty -- if the deal is completely random the difficulty level should be completely random as well. Are you not allowing such randomness?
    Easy = 1 card draw. Hard = 3 card draw.

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