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    Quote Originally Posted by joek71 View Post
    If you have version 1.0.4 you cant install it.
    whatever floats your boat, buddy.
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    I think your naming convention for this thread should mirror your version number (currently at 1.0). It is too hard to figure out if one has the most current update. All the other threads include their version number as listed in the software info on their subject line. It is easier because all one has to do is then look at your info and compare it with the tread title to see if you have the updated version.
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    Sweeten up those graphics for us man!
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    THis has never happened to me before. Doubt it ever will again.
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    DL the newest ver 0.0.4 but still says 0.1.0? Can not access the "reversi" tab on the top left of screen. I did a overlay update and didn't work, so I deleted the app and re-installed cleanly, but still says 0.1.0 version.

    Is me or the app?

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    Anyway to disable the number count before each move to how many pieces will be turned. Takes some fun outta move when you see a 8 before it
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    This is a great app! Any ETA on when this will support multiplayer? Thanks a million!
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    to disable number counts, scroll down and uncheck the box for them.
    to make the computer stupider scroll down and uncheck that the computer cares about edges.

    I'll fix the version numbering right now.

    The menu at the top doesn't DO anything

    -_ Rick
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    I DL'd the newest version through FC and there is no scrolling at all.
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    My Profound Apologies to everyone

    in uploading to the new app catalog, I grabbed a VERY VERY old version.

    Really sorry.
    Now updated and correct.

    Wow, I'm really sorry.
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    Added link in Opening Post for Homebrew Gallery:

    Download the latest version from the Homebrew Apps Gallery: Othello

    - Craig
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    the computer go to fast I can't see where they move to and what's computa vs computa 4?

    Also I uncheck show moves but its still there after I hit new game. Need a perferences and make the board fit the whole screen and shake for new game would be great or just add it drop down from the left corner. Also the settings don't stay set after closing the app
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    Love this game, one of my all time favorites. This is probably one of the most used apps on my Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmcrash View Post
    rev 4 doesn't seem to remember the "show potential moves" option as unchecked. Also, even though "show potential moves" and "show flip counts" are disabled, it takes several "new game" tries until they actually take effect.
    Any plan on fixing the bug? I'll definite buy when it hits the app catalog!
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    And any chance you can make the AI smarter? I've only lost once when I accidentally hit the wrong square.
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    1.0.2 posted to the hombrew apps feed last night

    • Improved Graphics
    • About screen
    • Help Screen
    • fixed annoying off-centeredness

    But the big issues are going to come "soon." This weekend I hope.

    Regarding improviding the AI.

    Testing shows that taking the AI beyond a 3 ply search in javascript is too darned slow.

    Saddly, it takes more than nine plys to make the AI substantially smarter than using cell weights.

    Some improvements in end-game strategy are possible, but not much.

    Basically, just as in chess or checkers, a stronger opponent will await binary. Then we can compile any one of the world-class engines to the pre and play it.

    Until then, 1.0.5 should have an interface to an internet othello engine (I hope)

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    ha ha,
    i know the original...

    move the options into a preferences page and it will be much better

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    Huge update!!!


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