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    Are you supposed to be able to go through the outside walls?
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    in the first level there are no walls, when they are walls you'll notice. As long as there are no walls you can go through, it's still not a bug it's a feature 8)
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    Awesome job roar; Man, I used to play Nibbles when comps were using dos shell and printer paper had those tear away edges. Haha that was after I got home from playing oregon trail on those green screen apples.... If you or someone else ports Gorillas that would just be off the chain!
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    Nice game!
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    nice i loved this game on linux will have to try it out
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    very slick. I never passed level 1 but 175 for my first time flicking is not bad great work on this app. I look forward to seeing more updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roar View Post
    Yup, I'll have to investigate how to autopause, will add it as soon as I find out how
    User "elchileno" on this forum has it in his "blockdrop" game:

    Ask him how he did it, his email is, or you can just pm him. It would be great if he could help you get this much needed feature into your game. Maybe your pause screen could overlay the cobra head from the main screen over the play screen, as well as displaying "GAME PAUSED" of course.
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    Also, more detailed graphics would increase the value of this game to me. Some people might enjoy the old style it currently has, so it might be worth it to them to have an option to play with old graphics or new graphics.
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    this look fun but that snake skeers me lol.thank you for this.
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    I can't imagine a computing device that would be complete without this! I've had some incarnation of Snake on nearly every piece of technology I've owned since my TI-83 calculator in 7th grade! Thanks for keeping the tradition alive!
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    You have been selected by the PreCentral's members as one of the top Homebrew Applications so far. Congratulations!

    Here is the list:

    1. My Notifications - set sounds for Pre alerts - Kaerey
    2. BlockDrop (was Pretris) - elchileno
    3. DevMode Launcher - no more codes to type! - cstucker
    4. Solitaire Card Game -t.tokarczyk01
    5. PrePackage: Package Tracking
    6. My Tether-Tether over WiFi, USB, and BT - aonic
    7. Translator - 20+ Languages - roar
    8. Dot Game - oil
    9. Stopwatch/Timer - sambao21
    10. Tip Calculator *Redux* -PreGame
    11. WxRad Animated Weather Radar -adsllc
    12. Dilbert/Garfield Daily Comics - roar
    13. Brickbreaker - kmax12
    14. Snake - roar
    15. Checkers -kesne
    16. Farts - CTL Advance
    17. PREtracker - GPS - kmax12
    18. Chess - rboatright
    19. Soundboard - sound effects machine - lrdavis4
    20. Scientific Calculator - rboatright

    Thank you for everything you have done!

    - Craig
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    Hey ROAR, great job on the Mojo Integration in your more recent versions. I'm glad to see more people finally getting a hang of it. I have one suggestion though; I think the game would flow a lot better, ESPECIALLY in the earlier levels if the snake moved in 1px increments instead of 10px, it's expecially choppy near the beginning of the game.
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    Is there a reason that I can go thourgh the four walls that border the game
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    Updated thread title to remove version and date now maintained in the Homebrew Apps Gallery.

    Added link in Opening Post for Homebrew Gallery:

    Download the latest version from the Homebrew Apps Gallery: Snake

    - Craig
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    Thank you...i been waiting for this app
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    The link in the homebrew apps library does not seem to be currently working. It's pointing at and not the .ipk

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