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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Kernel View Post
    So far, I'm impressively unimpressed with GPS turn-by-turn directions. The've been less than accurate each and every time and completely screwed up at least once.
    I have to defend Telenav here because I've found that half the time it's actually my error: if you don't enter an address EXACTLY as it needs to be (for example writing "Woodman Dr" instead of "Woodsmen Dr" ... my Telenav searched for the closest match and sent me to a "WoodMANOR Dr"... I didn't realize my error until I arrived at my destination. So just pay close attention when Telenav shows you your destination before hitting "GO!"

    There have been times, though, when it takes me God knows where... but that's the case for ALL GPS units.......
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    Use this every day
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    Simple but gets the job done
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    Very useful. Thank you.
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    A simple but very clean app!!!
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    i think that is great idea for someone who travels alot or delivers. thank you.
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    thank you, not sure why they didn't at this natively...
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    Works well
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    I love google map but really missed the history feature that I was use to with the centro. I'm a truck driver and i used that feature a lot, and was disappointed that this feature was gone. So thanks a lot for this app, really needed this.
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    Much needed app!!!
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    Would be nice to put in the link in a textbox so its not cumbersome to install via phone
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    ok that link won't work for file coaster. Could we get one that does?
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    I'm just going on record for how awesome the addresses are in the screenshot. Right down to the NO and JA.

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