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    Quote Originally Posted by djwhitey View Post
    the ability for 2 Pre's to "share" the canvas via bluetooth would be cool... similar to the "whiteboard" iphone app
    That would be awesome!!!
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    I'm new to all of this, but I really want to try this application. um, thank you.
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    Paint! Cool!
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    cool app
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    Quote Originally Posted by tuckmobile View Post
    Hi! Great app.

    I think it would be cool if you could load a picture and draw on it. This would be handy for circling areas of interest in photos, or drawing arrows.
    This seems like a very good idea!
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    Loading a picture from your album to draw on would be awesome. I also have some suggestions:

    -Remove the buttons at the bottom corners and just add "clear" to the menu, add "color" and "brush size" to the menu as drop downs to the menu. This way you can draw on the entire screen without the buttons getting in the way.

    -Add the ability to save the picture to your album so you don't have to take a screenshot and get the top menu in the way etc.

    -Add the ability to add stickers or decals, etc. Maybe unnecessary but could be fun. Stars, hearts, skulls, etc. Would be useful if you could slap them on photos from your album.

    All in all its a really cool small app nd I find myself messing with it often. Good stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snailslug View Post
    Here's a simple paint application that I was messing around with. Right now you can only change the color and thickness of the brush and not a whole lot else. I'd like to implement being able to save or load a picture and other ideas I have. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

    It's an unsigned ipk so use the SDK method to install. I hope to get a chance to play around with signing it so it can be installed using the email method.
    is thi slike the Old Memo app in the Palms where you could write using Palm graffiti I loved this on my Tungsten
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    cool app, thanks. can't believe palm left this out
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    will there be an update for this app any thing soon?
    -Touchpad owner
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    Quote Originally Posted by synplex View Post
    will there be an update for this app any thing soon?
    I'm hoping there is. A paint APP with loadable pictures would be great!
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    Now I understand the Trash/Clear reset bug. When you clear your previous drawing, the tools get reset even though the pallette still displays what you chose previously.

    If you're still working on this please drop us a line. Thanx.
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    This would be great if you could save something that you drew. Thanks!
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    Whoa, awesome! i was so hoping that this would be around someday!! Submit it to the app catalog!
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    im so excited to play with this program. look really cool and fun. thanks.
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    If you could, I'd like it if you could shake to erase it, like on iPhone. I really liked that when I had mine.

    Just a thought

    Crappy generic phone > Another crappy generic phone > Treo 700w > Palm Pre
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    this app is awesome to bad they stopped updating it
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    How can we get this on the homebrew section? i would like to install it but i can only use preware since i have a LOT of applications installed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warblad13 View Post
    does this require rooting?

    The truth is that almost nothing requires rooting unless you are a software developer.

    The current 2.03 (soon to be 2.05) version of WebOSQuickInstall has nearly eliminated the need for root access to the pre.
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