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    ya i just found that out forget that update !!!
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    Glad I got it while it was hot!
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    cant u still install over usb?? if so do i just drag n drop or does it need to be in a specific place or does device need to be rooted ?
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    Very nice app! put this on before you update to 1.0.4
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    This is crazy. Will there be something available for the people who updated???
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    Not 24 hours after I bookmark google translate, this comes out. Lol :tup: for the app, love the messaging integration.
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    nice job, good thing i saw it before updating.

    oh, yeah...go UMASS!
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    I've downloaded and clicked on the image file. It just offers to copy the photo. When clicking on the link, blank browser window after blank browsers window open ad infinitum until I force it to quit. No translator.
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    I don't think translation to Hindi is working. Is that a problem on google translation side?
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    The Pre probably has no font for displaying Hindi (same probably applies to Persian)
    Have noticed and will address these issues, thanks:
    - paper plane icon gets in the way
    - switch button should switch text, too
    - menu items not working
    Also, please read the installation instructions in the first post.
    ps: u-mass is actually because of the pixies song by the same name
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    To instal this(or any homebrew) app after the 1.0.4 update you'll need the mojo sdk.
    Put in the konami code and put your phone in dev mode.
    After restart plug in usb(look up how to instal novacom drivers on the dev wiki)
    Download the .ipk file to your comp.
    Drag it onto the bin/palm-install.bat
    Should show up in your launcher ready to use.
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    thanks for that ill do that soon as i get home at work so pretty limited computer use
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    Thanks for a great app. Made sure I did not have 1.04 first. Installed perfectly!
    Handspring Visor -> Handspring Treo 180 That stated it would have Wi-Fi -> Treo 600 -> Treo 650->Treo 700P ->Centro->Pre
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    Danka, Gracias, Merci ...
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    Grr. Got the e-mail link on my Pre but I too get the neverending card after card of blankness. Clicking on the .png file brings up the code, but it will not install. I have verified I am still on 1.03, any advice?

    Thanks in advance.....
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    Thanks, it's awesome!
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    The .png is just a picture of what the app looks like. You want to email yourself the ipk file. It's linked directly below the picture.
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    Works great, my first homebrew install, very easy and haven't updated yet...
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    Ok. For those of you who are getting repeated clean cards, we cliked on the wrong "email attachment link" the one by "ping". We want the one below that, next to the "ipk" per the instructions. Duhhh Works great. Thanks.
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    great app! im gunna hang onto 1.0.3 for a few more days to see if anything else pops up (probably not)
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