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    I was a happy user of My Notification on my Pre.
    Now I'm on a Pre 2, with WebOS 2, and re-installed My Notification.
    What I notice is that the calendar alerts sound is now played over and over again until I dismiss it, where before it was played once only.

    Anyone else observe this?
    Any ideas whether anything can be done about it?

    Thanks in advance

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    I am new to pre and patches and webos and everything. I have installed the webos thing and i dont think its working. When i press that blue arrow nothing happens. All i want to do is install my notifications so i can make my sms tone play longer. i am aware it will play the whole song. mine is only about 10-15 secs long anyway. Back on subject, I need like dummy step by step directions on how to get my notifications on my pre. I dont understand anything i read cause im not computer savvy. Someone please help me get this on my phone. I downloaded the my notifications thing and i got it to show up on my webos installer but when i press install nothing happens... walk me through it please. Thank u very very much
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    I installed my notifications on my pre and it still plays my sms tones for 3 secs. how do i fix that?
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    I have my notifications installed but it still plays my text messege tones for 3 secs. What do i need to do?
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    I can't find My Notifications in Preware, anyone knows where is it?

    Sorry for my english.
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    I've got it!
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