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    Quote Originally Posted by Preemptive View Post
    The date is the 22nd of August, again on Discord. The invitation link is: Simplechat can be used to access this via webOS devices.
    I recently fixed/reinstalled my Touchpad, and for once I actually put a reminder for the meet-up in my agenda. So hopefully I'll have time
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    The next meeting will again be on Discord: 26th September, 2000 GMT.

    The invitation link is above.
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    Turns out that didn't work. Good news: I saw the notification first thing in the morning on my Touchpad. Bad news: it was the next morning, as I went to bed early having to get up at seven; after two weeks off from work.
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    If you install SimpleChat, you'll get notifications on your Touchpad when people start talking!
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    Next Meeting 24th Oct 2021, 2000 GMT
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