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    For the location service it seems webOS OSE is getting that now as well, so could be a potential source to look at as well (also for LuneOS going forward): and

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    I'm busy, but I'll try Sunday, normal time. Informal meet or maybe a sort out. Call it reboot!
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    I'm busy, but I'll try Sunday, normal time. Informal meet or maybe a sort out. Call it reboot! 😉
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    [17:11] <Preemptive> I'm here! Bit late...
    [17:11] <Preemptive> Anyone else?
    [17:15] <Preemptive> It seems the logging hasn't been working for a few days
    [17:28] <Preemptive> I assume this is working, but without a log to check, I'm not 100% sure...
    [17:31] <Preemptive> It seems the logging stopped on the 8th, both on this channel & webOs-ports
    [17:38] <Preemptive> OK, well it seems I'm the only on here. I gave fairly short notice and I imagine every one else has been as preoccupied as me
    [17:38] <Preemptive> So I'll give it a few more minutes and then I'll get on with other things.
    [17:39] <Preemptive> 4.1.2 Squid SSL Bump. (Nizovn)
    [17:40] <Preemptive> I don't see nizovn here, but there maybe updates on some of those projects
    [17:42] <Preemptive> 4.3. Updated location service. (Misj, mazzinia)
    [17:43] <Preemptive> I see Herrie posted something on the thread about location services on OSE, so that might be useful for legacy
    [17:47] <Preemptive> I saw some other mentions of an unexpected release from OSE - possibly including more services or mabe filling the gaps between legacy & current. I'm not sure.
    [17:54] <Preemptive> So I guess nothing too bad has happened. Logging needs to be fixed or reset. I assume not much has changed on the legacy webOS front and LuneOS is coming along OK.
    [17:59] <Preemptive> I'm going to set a provisional date for a meeting on the 16th next month.
    [18:00] <Preemptive> I will try to appear here next Sunday informally at the same time, but I'll confirm this in advance on the thread.
    [18:01] <Preemptive> I'm going to disconnect now. As there's no logging, I won't see them, so please post on the thread if you have anything to add.
    [18:06] <Herrie> Preemptive: sorry for being late to party
    [18:06] <Herrie> Logging is broken admins been made aware but not fixed yet
    [18:06] <Herrie> Not much updates except for we're working hard on integrating more OSE bits into LuneOS
    [18:07] <Herrie> And working on other things such as Halium 9/Android 9 support, further work on Pinephone, camera and other bits
    [19:07] <Herrie> Really a bit all over the place for now
    [19:08] <Herrie> I guess a release will follow at the end of Q3 or maybe early Q4
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