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    For the location service it seems webOS OSE is getting that now as well, so could be a potential source to look at as well (also for LuneOS going forward): and

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    I'm busy, but I'll try Sunday, normal time. Informal meet or maybe a sort out. Call it reboot!
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    I'm busy, but I'll try Sunday, normal time. Informal meet or maybe a sort out. Call it reboot! 😉
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    [17:11] <Preemptive> I'm here! Bit late...
    [17:11] <Preemptive> Anyone else?
    [17:15] <Preemptive> It seems the logging hasn't been working for a few days
    [17:28] <Preemptive> I assume this is working, but without a log to check, I'm not 100% sure...
    [17:31] <Preemptive> It seems the logging stopped on the 8th, both on this channel & webOs-ports
    [17:38] <Preemptive> OK, well it seems I'm the only on here. I gave fairly short notice and I imagine every one else has been as preoccupied as me
    [17:38] <Preemptive> So I'll give it a few more minutes and then I'll get on with other things.
    [17:39] <Preemptive> 4.1.2 Squid SSL Bump. (Nizovn)
    [17:40] <Preemptive> I don't see nizovn here, but there maybe updates on some of those projects
    [17:42] <Preemptive> 4.3. Updated location service. (Misj, mazzinia)
    [17:43] <Preemptive> I see Herrie posted something on the thread about location services on OSE, so that might be useful for legacy
    [17:47] <Preemptive> I saw some other mentions of an unexpected release from OSE - possibly including more services or mabe filling the gaps between legacy & current. I'm not sure.
    [17:54] <Preemptive> So I guess nothing too bad has happened. Logging needs to be fixed or reset. I assume not much has changed on the legacy webOS front and LuneOS is coming along OK.
    [17:59] <Preemptive> I'm going to set a provisional date for a meeting on the 16th next month.
    [18:00] <Preemptive> I will try to appear here next Sunday informally at the same time, but I'll confirm this in advance on the thread.
    [18:01] <Preemptive> I'm going to disconnect now. As there's no logging, I won't see them, so please post on the thread if you have anything to add.
    [18:06] <Herrie> Preemptive: sorry for being late to party
    [18:06] <Herrie> Logging is broken admins been made aware but not fixed yet
    [18:06] <Herrie> Not much updates except for we're working hard on integrating more OSE bits into LuneOS
    [18:07] <Herrie> And working on other things such as Halium 9/Android 9 support, further work on Pinephone, camera and other bits
    [19:07] <Herrie> Really a bit all over the place for now
    [19:08] <Herrie> I guess a release will follow at the end of Q3 or maybe early Q4
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    I'll have another go on Sunday - usual time. Informal.

    It seems the logging is still broken.

    We are trying a calendar on pivotCE:
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    I'm away for 10 days so not able to join tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herrie View Post
    I'm away for 10 days so not able to join tomorrow.
    Thanks for the update. I'll just announce my presence and see what happens.
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    Summary of Meeting No. 34 of The webOS User Group, on August 23rd 2020 at 1700 GMT / UTC. IRC: #webOS channel on Freenode.

    • 1. Attendees & Introductions of new attendees.
      There were 3 attendees.
    • 2. Updates.
      Old news about TLS work, problems with LuneTube, an update of the Feedspider app, The was brief discussion of project tracking.
    • 4. Progress reports.
    • 5. Discussion of other items.
      • 5.3. LG's webOS Open Source Edition
        Nizovn has ported it to the Xiaomi A1 - video to follow. Currently apps, wifi & touch works. But no sound. Obviously, the GUI is not suited for phones. The webOS Ports teams is incorporating the OSE code into LuneOS, so it is hoped that the LuneOS GUI will replace the standard OSE one as the two projects converge.
      • 5.4. LuneOS Radar.
        As reported last month, a new LuneOS release may appear this quarter or early in Q4.
    • 7. Any other business.
      Pattyland has added an events calendar to pivotCE:
    • 8. Date of next meeting.
      20th September 2020 1700GMT.

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    The log is posted here as the logging system is not currently working.
    [17:56] <Preemptive> Good morning. I'm just going to start an informal webOS User Group meeting.
    [17:56] <nizovn> hi
    [18:02] <Preemptive> nizovn: Hello!
    [18:03] <nizovn>
    [18:03] <Preemptive> It seems I haven't put up an agenda for ages, so I'll use this one for reference:
    [18:04] <Preemptive> We will probably skip most of it! ;-)
    [18:04] <nizovn> yeah
    [18:04] <Preemptive> 1. Attendees & Introductions of new attendees.
    [18:05] <Preemptive> Say hello if you are here!
    [18:07] <Preemptive> Scrolling down the webpage, I see that dkirker reported some progress on the TLS stuff, but nothing since last year
    [18:07] <Preemptive> Some problems with Lunetube - not sure if that got resolved
    [18:08] <Preemptive> A new feedspider was released.
    [18:08] <Preemptive> I'm just going to see if I can find that tracker I mentioned.
    [18:10] <Preemptive> OK. It's just a simple webpage (not online) that lists projects with the current status and has drop down lists for old reports.
    [18:12] <Preemptive> I think webOS Ports uses Trello for tracking. I don't know if it's worth setting up something similar - I don't know if anyone would use it.
    [18:12] <Preemptive> i'm just going to check logging now...
    [18:13] <nizovn> yes, seems they used trello, but long ago, when i came it was already abandoned
    [18:14] <Preemptive> No, I see nothing at
    [18:14] <Preemptive> Also at Index of /livelogs/webos/ it is all zero bytes since 8th of August.
    [18:15] <nizovn> yes...
    [18:15] <Preemptive> nizovn: Interesting to know. Do you know what (if anything) they are using now?
    [18:16] <nizovn> hm
    [18:16] <nizovn> mainly wiki on i think
    [18:16] <Preemptive> I've been trying Trello for another project and it seems simple and easy to use. Good enough for the group to use just to show progress
    [18:17] <Preemptive> nizovn: The wiki? Oh, OK. I suppose that is also fine for reporting progress. I'd assume there was some kind of fancy project management software... ;-)
    [18:18] <Preemptive> I'll skim through the agenda...
    [18:18] <nizovn> we had issue tracker for long time, but once it just stopped working, like logging now
    [18:19] <nizovn> but honestly it was not actively used
    [18:20] <Preemptive> nizovn: Yes, I suspect a Trello instance will just gather dust at this point...
    [18:20] <Preemptive> 4.1.2 Squid SSL Bump. (Nizovn)
    [18:21] <Preemptive> Did you do anything more with this? I think it was 'complete', but you wanted it left on the agenda
    [18:21] <nizovn> no updates
    [18:21] <nizovn> yes, i think it's complete
    [18:22] <Preemptive> Shall I remove it and mark it as complete on the project list?
    [18:24] <nizovn> yes, i don't have an idea from mind what to improve there
    [18:25] <Preemptive> nizovn: OK. I'm going to skip everything else in this section except for 4.8 Qt Clipboard Plugin. (pcworld, nizovn)
    [18:26] <nizovn> hm, it's not completed, but there is no progress...
    [18:26] <mallory> oh, hi (I just got pinged, I'm pcworld)
    [18:26] <Preemptive> nizovn: OK.
    [18:26] <nizovn> mallory: hi
    [18:26] <Preemptive> mallory: Hi. Any reports?
    [18:27] <mallory> No, but I'll lurk here
    [18:27] <Preemptive> mallory: OK! ;-)
    [18:28] <Preemptive> 5.3. LG's webOS Open Source Edition
    [18:28] <Preemptive> I'll have a quick peeek over there...
    [18:28] <nizovn> i'll ping bughi1980 and Herrie just in case :P
    [18:29] <Preemptive> There are up to version 2.5 already!
    [18:30] <nizovn> actually i have some progress with this!
    [18:30] <Preemptive> Actually, 2.6!
    [18:30] <nizovn> yes
    [18:30] <nizovn> check it out:
    [18:31] <Preemptive> nizovn: Very good! What the device? The A1?
    [18:32] <nizovn> yeah
    [18:32] <nizovn> so currenty apps work, wifi works, touch works
    [18:32] <mallory> pure OSE?
    [18:32] <nizovn> but no sound, gui not suited for phones
    [18:33] <Preemptive> nizovn: Nice. Can you post that image on the forums?
    [18:33] <nizovn> mallory: yes, only additions to run it using android drivers
    [18:34] <Preemptive> nizovn: How easy or difficult would it be to switch to the LuneOS UI on that? I think that the general plan of webOS Ports.
    [18:34] <nizovn> Preemptive: yeah. also going to make small video
    [18:34] <Preemptive> nizovn: A video is even better!
    [18:36] <nizovn> not sure about how much efforts for LuneOS UI. probably plenty. The GUI with work, but it's mainly connections of it to underlying system it needed to be reworked
    [18:37] <nizovn> s/with/will
    [18:37] <nizovn> heh
    [18:39] <nizovn> webos-ports guys go from another side - step by step upgrading working system to OSE components
    [18:40] <Preemptive> nizovn: Great news. Maybe this will encourage the rest of us to get back on to user group projects.
    [18:40] <Preemptive> I saw this recently:
    [18:41] <nizovn> interesting
    [18:42] <Preemptive> Moving on to 5.4, the last little meeting had this comment from Herrie: "<Herrie> I guess a release will follow at the end of Q3 or maybe early Q4"
    [18:43] <Preemptive> nizovn: Was it a lot of work to get OSE running? Or is it fairly simple - build, install and fix bugs?
    [18:43] <Preemptive> I have no real idea of the amount of effort development takes, but I guess it must be a lot.
    [18:43] <nizovn> i did most things 2 years ago
    [18:44] <nizovn> now upgraded to 2.6 (fixing many build issues)
    [18:45] <nizovn> + fixed some runtime issues
    [18:45] <Preemptive> I was just going to ask about that - so not too difficult to upgrade once the basics are done.
    [18:46] <nizovn> yes, i spent only a week i think
    [18:46] <Preemptive> Oh, wow! That's really fast.
    [18:48] <Preemptive> We can move to 7. Any other business unless anyone has anything to add...
    [18:48] <nizovn> yes, i'm surprised and excited, pretty fast, but it's just because i got neccesary pieces from webos-ports working port
    [18:48] <Preemptive> nizovn: What is their primary device target now?
    [18:49] <mallory> Is OSE expected to last? I mean, is it used anywhere other than LG and LuneOS?
    [18:49] <Preemptive> I think I read something about getting kernel 4 onto the TP, but I guess it is getting very old by now
    [18:49] <mallory> Open webOS was dead pretty quickly iirc
    [18:50] <Preemptive> mallory: I think that was because LG went a bit 'closed source' with it
    [18:50] <Preemptive> mallory: Obviously, that was what webOS Ports were using for luneOS
    [18:50] <nizovn> Preemtive: i think mainly pinephone and xiaomi's
    [18:50] <nizovn> not sure about TouchPad
    [18:51] <nizovn> mallory: i think OSE has chances because LG is interested in developing it (open)
    [18:52] <Preemptive> mallory: The historical problems I remember were the original graphics drivers being 'odd' and not OSS. That lead to the rewrite of the system manager - LunaNext
    [18:53] <Preemptive> mallory: Recently it was that OSE was put out - which was good, but no list of updates from OpenwebOS - which made it had for the Ports team to update.
    [18:53] <Preemptive> *had/hard
    [18:55] <mallory> nizovn: though I guess their expectation is that some other manufacturer would use it and contribute to development
    [18:55] <mallory> otherwise I don't really see why they put effort into maintaining an open source edition
    [18:56] <nizovn> seems some automobile manufactures also interested in it
    [18:56] <Preemptive> mallory: Basically, a handful of volunteers were updating OpenwebOS with no support from LG. Now LG are doing most of the development and Ports are slowly adopting their code. Once this happens, LuneOS updates can be a lot faster.
    [18:59] <mallory> Preemptive: I understand that, was just wondering what the plan is from LG's perspective
    [18:59] <Preemptive> It's possible that interest in developer phones like the Pinephone will result in a 'popularity' contest between the alternative OS options. LuneOS has a chance to 'win' that and developer interest might improve. I'm not sure what others have a corporation like LG doing work on it
    [18:59] <mallory> with "Open webOS was dead pretty quickly" I meant the official project by HP/LG
    [19:00] <mallory> but yeah we'll find out
    [19:01] <Preemptive> mallory: Yes, LG were supposed to continue supporting / contributing, but they did it all behind closed doors. It's like LuneOS and LGwebOS were two forks of the original - now being re-merged via OSE
    [19:02] <Preemptive> Outside of phones, it appears to be LG's choce of OS for their other consumer products. TVs, fridges, ICE...
    [19:04] <Preemptive> I think LG's problem is that webOS may be viewed as 'their' system. This might put off possible partners. At least with an open-source version, they can ease that concern.
    [19:06] <Preemptive> LG are not doing great in the mobile sector as I understand it - you have to be Samsung or maybe Huawei now to make serious money with Android, but no one wants to abandon the familiar eco-system
    [19:06] <Preemptive> I just remembered that Huawei can't use Android now... ASOP only i think
    [19:07] <Preemptive> Samsung had... I can't even remember the name.. TIZEN! But I heard it was not good.
    [19:08] <mallory> fridges with webOS? nice
    [19:08] <mallory> reminds of the webOS toaster meme
    [19:09] <Preemptive>
    [19:12] <nizovn>
    [19:13] <mallory> I guess I too can build a webOS fridge
    [19:13] <nizovn>
    [19:15] <Preemptive> Yes, but can it show you want's inside? Apparently, it cost less energy to view the interior via camera/screen that to open the fridge! It seems that's why they also have the transparent internal doors now.
    [19:15] <Preemptive> *that/than
    [19:16] <mallory> add a Pre2 with controllable flashlight + stream the video
    [19:16] <Preemptive> I think it can order more groceries for you too, show recipies etc...
    [19:17] <Preemptive> mallory: could work - need a wide-angle lens though
    [19:17] <Preemptive> My thought was OSE on a RaspPi as a media player or DIY webOS TV...
    [19:19] <Preemptive> If you can get a 'screen only' TV - like an LG signage one, then you never have to worry about upgrades - just plug your own box into the screen. RPior similar with latest OSE.
    [19:19] <Preemptive> ...I'm sure it's not that simple though...
    [19:20] <Preemptive> I'm going to move onto item 7. Any other business.
    [19:20] <Preemptive> Does anyone have suggestions of things to add to the agenda or any changes in general for the next meeting?
    [19:22] <nizovn> nothing i can think of...
    [19:24] <Preemptive> OK. I'm thinking of the 20th of next month for another meeting.
    [19:25] <nizovn> looks good
    [19:26] <Preemptive> OK. same time on the 20th of September. I'll try to make a few post and updates to generate a bit more interest. Maybe tweet a bit from pivotCE too.
    [19:27] <nizovn> ok!
    [19:29] <Preemptive> OK. I think we are done for the meeting. I don't mind chatting a bit more, but feel free to get back to your real lives! ;-)
    [19:29] <Preemptive> Thanks for attending.
    [19:30] <nizovn> bye!
    [19:34] <Preemptive> Oh this is new from Pattyland - events calendar:
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    Arrgh! Sorry, got caught up with work again! I'll try again next Sunday.
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    There was a mini chat on the 27th - nothing to report really. The next meeting is on the 18th.

    Then there's this:
    **** BEGIN LOGGING AT Wed Sep 30 02:59:57 2020
    Sep 30 11:11:14 <bughi1980> question to the group
    Sep 30 11:11:52 <bughi1980> vodafone just sent out sms saying that they are phasing out 3G and will be turned off january 2021
    Sep 30 11:12:30 <bughi1980> is the Pre3 working just in 2G ? or is going to be cut off from calling and sending sms ?
    **** ENDING LOGGING AT Thu Oct 01 02:59:57 2020

    My best guess is that the answer is that 2G will remain for a while, so the old phones will remain usable, but not for proper data use.
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    What time is tomorrow's meeting?
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    relevant question?
    As the guy who posted that, I think it's relevant. I'll gladly go to the next meeting whether we discuss it or not.
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    Not much to report at today's meeting. I will work on an agenda for December - the next meeting is on the 13th.
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    Sorry to have missed the meeting -- I didn't know it had been scheduled. But I'll be there for the next one on Dec 13.
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