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    A note on LuneOS "radar": Sooner or later, legacy webOS devices will die due to battery failure (and no replacements), hardware failure or no more community updates to the software that keeps them usable. The idea of LuneOS radar is to keep a collective eye on the state of that project and also possible hardware with a view to eventual transition to LuneOS.

    The User Group is not the webOS Ports team, although there is some overlap of members. We will necessarily follow the lead of the ports team and it may be that it will be obvious when the SW is 'ready'* and that the team may settle on a 'reference device'. However, it's more likely that the SW will develop from solid basics to more complex or unusual functions as new apps are created or refined. The appeal of LuneOS will also be wider if (via Lineage, Halium or PostmarketOS) it is available for a wide range of devices. So this project could:
    1. Supply recommendations to users about the current state (usability and user experience) of LuneOS
    2. Suggest a phone / tablet that offers an experience closest to legacy devices.
    3. Port relevant projects or existing apps to LuneOS or even create new ones.
    4. Recommend ways to transfer data and generally create a bridge to LuneOS for Legacy users or users other systems.

    So suggestions for specific goals and even a better name are welcomed.
    The webOS Ports team is small and will likely be focused on the 'core' system. What little success webOS had largely came from users developing apps and this will probably be needed for LuneOS to gain any traction. This is a process that could be encouraged by the user group.

    *It's generally agreed that LuneOS is not yet ready and won't be with the next release, but there are a number of interesting possible devices appearing.
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    Summary of Meeting No. 29 of The webOS User Group, on November 10th 2019 at 1700 GMT / UTC. IRC: #webOS channel on Freenode.
    In essence, there were no updates except:

    • 4.7 LuneOS testing protocol. (Preemptive / others)
      A couple of additions to webOS Ports' checklist were noted and added to the testing thread.
    • 5.3. LG's webOS Open Source Edition
      Version 2.0 has been released. The Raspberry Pi 4 is the reference hardware.
    • 5.4. Possible LuneOS "radar".
      There is a new release: Cafe Eggnog. The project was reported to be no where near beta status.
    • 6. Priority Project Selection.
      The SSL Squid proxy can be considered complete and usable, so is no longer a priority. The TLS upgrade will retain priority status for now.
    • 8. Date of next meeting.
      We've given ourselves a month and a half to get something done before the end of the year, so chose the 29th of December 2019 for the next meeting. Same time: 1700GMT.

    The full log of the twenty seventh meeting is here: SUN November 10th
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    Proposed agenda for Meeting No. 30 of The webOS User Group, on December 29th 2019 at 1700 GMT / UTC. IRC: #webOS channel on Freenode. Instructions to register user (nick) name.
    The agenda is the same as the previous meeting, but I'm thinking that I might go back through old meetings and add any dormant projects in case there is anything to revive or even update.

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