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    I would like to share a photo of lemanho and me, two webOS enthusiasts. We met at Hong Kong airport as we had airplanes leaving at about the same time. Leman was going to London, UK and I was going back home to Ljubljana, Slovenia. We had a very nice chat.

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    Very cool Thanks for sharing!
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    Wow that is cool... 2 person on 2 different part of the world meeting up. thanks for sharing...
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    Quote Originally Posted by squall77 View Post
    Wow that is cool... 2 person on 2 different part of the world meeting up. thanks for sharing...
    I agree! People from different parts of the world intersect at airports all the time, without saying a word. But these two people had a chance to share a moment in time, thanks to a fondness for webOS! Cool!
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    Indeed.. and perhaps in the case of these two people in particular 'an expertness resulting from a fondness of webOS' may be more accurate!

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    Thats, so cool..... that two people from two different countries and language barriers tied together over somehow by Palm WebOS
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    Yes. We talked about lot of stories from Palm OS devices to Webos devices in HK airport. . As two of "Go" masters in the world. We shared lot of "inside" stories of HP.Taiwan. Huawei. Shengzhen City..... I still keep some Go's mainboards.screen. batteries. parts.etc .....
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