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    It's been a year or more since any of us have been together, and it looks as if webOS has found a home at LG and components are lingering in different OSes. Let meet up!!! You don't have to bring your old webOS toys, just bring your joy and memories talk tech, about your life now. We will be meeting in the cafe' in my hotel so we don't have to go far . LET'S CELEBRATE, MEET AND HAVE FUN!!! looking forward to meeting you

    *** the invite is on Google Plus so sign in, look me up and add yourself
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    I woulda totally gone. Sry i missed it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paisley99 View Post
    I woulda totally gone. Sry i missed it.
    Did anyone go?

    how was the event?
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    Oh what? I would've totally gone!
    HP Think Beyond event link
    If You Have A WindsorNot Hit Me Up

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