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    Semaphore Lab, a research cluster within the Faculty of Information (iSchool) at the University of Toronto, in Toronto Canada, will host dual events on October 15 2012 as part of our mobile series of talks on webOS and Enyo.

    The first event will be at Semaphore Lab where we invite the universityís community and visitors from Toronto and abroad to attend a workshop hosted by Roy Sutton of Palm on Enyo development. This event is from 2PM to 5PM.

    Out second event, in the same venue, will be a hackathon where will try to install Open webOS on an undisclosed Android device. Again, this event is open to all. This event will include flex time between the previous session but will formally start around 5PM and last until 10PM (assuming we can even install and troubleshoot webOS). Again, Roy Sutton from Palm will help us with this project! No experience required, just enthusiasm!

    Spots are limited to 35 seat for each event because of the size of our lab. Participants should bring their own devices and laptops for the Enyo and the hackathon. Even if we donít manage to hack webOS on a device completely, at least, participants will gain valuable firsthand knowledge about how to start hacking webOS on a device.

    Registrations are available at
    Palm Mobile Development Workshop - Eventbrite

    Palm Mobile Development - Hackathon - Eventbrite

    Semaphore Lab is a research cluster at the iSchool, University of Toronto, dedicated to inclusive design in the area of mobile and pervasive computing. For more information, participants can reach me @Toondoctor

    Just as a reminder, Iím the same developer who created ComicBookBin for webOS, TED and TED HD, iCal and wrote the article on Why the Touchpad is good for CTOs and instructional designers published at webOS Nation last year. Iím a new PhD student at the iSchool Ė Toronto and of course my research involves mobile user interface experience and human computer interaction.

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    I wish I could attend the Enyo Workshop, but I've still got classes at that time. I'll be there for the Hackathon, and while I don't have any practical Android hacking knowledge, I'll try taking photos.
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    We will be in the same room for the second part, so please do come and we can still play with Enyo. It's a pretty fluid event!

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